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  1. kiss

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'接吻' in Other Languages

British English: kiss /kɪs/ NOUN
A kiss is the act of touching somebody with your lips to show affection or to greet them.
I put my arms around her and gave her a kiss.
  • American English: kiss
  • Arabic: قُبْلَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: beijo
  • Chinese: 接吻
  • Croatian: poljubac
  • Czech: polibek
  • Danish: kys
  • Dutch: kus
  • European Spanish: beso
  • Finnish: suukko
  • French: baiser
  • German: Kuss
  • Greek: φιλί
  • Italian: bacio
  • Japanese: キス
  • Korean: 키스
  • Norwegian: kyss
  • Polish: pocałunek
  • European Portuguese: beijo
  • Romanian: sărut
  • Russian: поцелуй
  • Latin American Spanish: beso
  • Swedish: puss
  • Thai: การจูบ
  • Turkish: öpücük
  • Ukrainian: поцілунок
  • Vietnamese: nụ hôn
British English: kiss /kɪs/ VERB
If you kiss someone, you touch them with your lips to show affection, or to greet them or say goodbye.
She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.
They kissed briefly.
  • American English: kiss
  • Arabic: يُقَبِّلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: beijar
  • Chinese: 接吻
  • Croatian: poljubiti
  • Czech: líbat (se)
  • Danish: kysse
  • Dutch: kussen
  • European Spanish: besar
  • Finnish: suudella
  • French: embrasser
  • German: küssen
  • Greek: φιλώ
  • Italian: baciare
  • Japanese: キスする
  • Korean: 키스하다
  • Norwegian: kysse
  • Polish: pocałować
  • European Portuguese: beijar
  • Romanian: a săruta
  • Russian: целовать
  • Latin American Spanish: besar
  • Swedish: pussas
  • Thai: จูบ
  • Turkish: öpmek
  • Ukrainian: цілувати(ся)
  • Vietnamese: hôn

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