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  1. take over (pt took) (pp taken)

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'接管' in Other Languages

British English: take over /teɪk ˈəʊvə/ VERB
To take over something such as a company or country means to gain control of it.
The company has been taken over by a multinational corporation.
  • American English: take over
  • Arabic: يَتَوَلَّى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tomar posse
  • Chinese: 接管
  • Croatian: preuzeti
  • Czech: převzít vedení
  • Danish: overtage
  • Dutch: overnemen
  • European Spanish: tomar el poder
  • Finnish: vallata
  • French: reprendre s’accaparer
  • German: übernehmen
  • Greek: αναλαμβάνω
  • Italian: rilevare
  • Japanese: 引き継ぐ
  • Korean: 인계받다
  • Norwegian: ta over
  • Polish: przejąć
  • European Portuguese: tomar posse
  • Romanian: a prelua
  • Russian: принимать руководство
  • Latin American Spanish: asumir
  • Swedish: ta över
  • Thai: เข้าควบคุม
  • Turkish: yönetimi ele almak
  • Ukrainian: поглинати
  • Vietnamese: tiếp quản
British English: takeover /ˈteɪkˌəʊvə/ NOUN
A takeover is the act of gaining control of a company by buying a majority of its shares.
...the proposed takeover of the bank.
  • American English: takeover
  • Arabic: اِسْتِلام
  • Brazilian Portuguese: aquisição de controle
  • Chinese: 接管
  • Croatian: preuzimanje
  • Czech: převzetí
  • Danish: overtagelse
  • Dutch: overname
  • European Spanish: absorción
  • Finnish: yritysvaltaus
  • French: rachat
  • German: Übernahme
  • Greek: ανάληψη
  • Italian: acquisizione
  • Japanese: 企業買収
  • Korean: 인수
  • Norwegian: overtakelse
  • Polish: przejęcie
  • European Portuguese: aquisição de controlo
  • Romanian: preluare
  • Russian: переход руководства
  • Latin American Spanish: absorción
  • Swedish: uppköp
  • Thai: การครอบครอง
  • Turkish: devralma
  • Ukrainian: поглинання
  • Vietnamese: sự tiếp quản

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