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English translation of '掩盖'

掩盖 (掩蓋)


  1. (= 遮盖) cover
  2. (= 隐藏) conceal
    ⇒ 陷阱用树枝掩盖起来。 (Xiànjǐng yòng shùzhī yǎngài qǐlái.) The trap is covered with tree branches.

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'掩盖' in Other Languages

British English: conceal VERB
If you conceal something, you cover it or hide it carefully.
She decided to conceal the machine behind a hinged panel.
British English: cover-up NOUN
A cover-up is an attempt to hide a crime or mistake.
The general denied there'd been any cover-up.
  • American English: cover-up
  • Brazilian Portuguese: encobrimento dos fatos
  • Chinese: 掩盖对罪行、错误的
  • European Spanish: encubrimiento
  • French: tentative pour étouffer une affaireN
  • German: Vertuschung
  • Italian: occultamento
  • Japanese: もみ消し
  • Korean: 은폐
  • European Portuguese: encobrimento dos factos
  • Latin American Spanish: encubrimiento

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Translation of 掩盖 from the Collins Chinese to English
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