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  1. summarize

  1. brief

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'概括' in Other Languages

British English: generalize /ˈdʒɛnrəˌlaɪz/ VERB
If you generalize, you say something that is usually, but not always, true.
It is impossible to generalize about the state of the country's health.
  • American English: generalize
  • Arabic: يُعَمِّمُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: generalizar
  • Chinese: 概括
  • Croatian: generalizirati
  • Czech: zobecnit
  • Danish: generalisere
  • Dutch: generaliseren
  • European Spanish: generalizar
  • Finnish: yleistää
  • French: généraliser
  • German: verallgemeinern
  • Greek: γενικεύω
  • Italian: generalizzare
  • Japanese: 法則化する
  • Korean: 일반화하다
  • Norwegian: generalisere
  • Polish: uogólnić
  • European Portuguese: generalizar
  • Romanian: a generaliza
  • Russian: обобщать
  • Latin American Spanish: generalizar
  • Swedish: generalisera
  • Thai: พูดคลุมทั่วๆไป
  • Turkish: genelleştirmek
  • Ukrainian: узагальнювати
  • Vietnamese: khái quát hóa
British English: encapsulate VERB
To encapsulate particular facts or ideas means to represent all their most important aspects in a very small space or in a single object or event.
The President's greatest strength was his ability to encapsulate the mood and feelings of his country.
British English: generalization NOUN
A generalization is a statement that seems to be true in most situations or for most people, but that may not be completely true in all cases.
He is making sweeping generalizations to get his point across.
British English: recap VERB
You can say that you are going to recap when you want to draw people's attention to the fact that you are going to repeat the main points of an explanation, argument, or description, as a summary of it.
To recap briefly, the agreement was rejected 10 days ago.
Someone had asked him to recap his life.

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