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English translation of '讲授'

讲授 (講授)


  1. teach (pt, pp taught)

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'讲授' in Other Languages

British English: teach /tiːtʃ/ VERB
If you teach someone something, you give them instructions so that they know about it or know how to do it.
His father had taught him how to ride a horse.
  • American English: teach
  • Arabic: يُعَلِّمُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ensinar
  • Chinese: 讲授
  • Croatian: podučavati
  • Czech: učit
  • Danish: lære instruere
  • Dutch: onderwijzen
  • European Spanish: enseñar
  • Finnish: opettaa
  • French: enseigner
  • German: lehren
  • Greek: διδάσκω
  • Italian: insegnare
  • Japanese: 教える
  • Korean: 가르치다
  • Norwegian: undervise
  • Polish: nauczyć
  • European Portuguese: ensinar
  • Romanian: a învăța
  • Russian: учить
  • Latin American Spanish: enseñar
  • Swedish: undervisa
  • Thai: สอน
  • Turkish: öğretmek
  • Ukrainian: навчати
  • Vietnamese: dạy học

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Translation of 讲授 from the Collins Chinese to English
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