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English translation of '证明'

证明 (證明)


  1. prove
    ⇒ 事实证明我的分析是对的。 (Shìshí zhèngmíng wǒ de fēnxī shì duì de.) The facts prove my analysis is correct.

  1. certificate

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'证明' in Other Languages

British English: prove /pruːv/ VERB
bear out If something proves to be true, it becomes clear after a period of time that it is true.
The reports proved to be true.
  • American English: prove
  • Arabic: يُثَبِّت
  • Brazilian Portuguese: provar
  • Chinese: 证明
  • Croatian: dokazati
  • Czech: ukázat se jakým
  • Danish: bevise
  • Dutch: bewijzen
  • European Spanish: probar
  • Finnish: todistaa
  • French: s’avérer
  • German: beweisen
  • Greek: αποδεικνύω
  • Italian: dimostrarsi
  • Japanese: 立証する
  • Korean: 입증하다
  • Norwegian: bevise
  • Polish: udowodnić
  • European Portuguese: provar
  • Romanian: a dovedi
  • Russian: доказывать
  • Latin American Spanish: probar
  • Swedish: jäsa
  • Thai: พิสูจน์
  • Turkish: kanıtlamak
  • Ukrainian: доводити
  • Vietnamese: chứng minh
British English: attest VERB
To attest something or attest to something means to say, show, or prove that it is true.
Anyone who has heard the band can attest to their skill.
British English: certify VERB
If someone in an official position certifies something, they officially state that it is true.
The president certified that the project would receive a large contribution from overseas sources.
British English: prove VERB
argue If you prove that something is true, you show by means of argument or evidence that it is definitely true.
You brought this charge. You prove it!
British English: testament NOUN
If one thing is a testament to another, it shows that the other thing exists or is true.
For him to win the game like that is a testament to his perseverance.

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