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  1. path

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'走道' in Other Languages

British English: aisle /aɪl/ NOUN
An aisle is a long narrow gap that people can walk along between rows of seats in a public building such as a church, or between rows of shelves in a supermarket.
...the frozen food aisle.
  • American English: aisle
  • Arabic: مـَمْشى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: corredor
  • Chinese: 走道
  • Croatian: prolaz
  • Czech: ulička mezi sedadly
  • Danish: midtergang
  • Dutch: gangpad
  • European Spanish: pasillo avión
  • Finnish: käytävä penkkirivien välinen
  • French: couloir
  • German: Gang
  • Greek: διάδρομος
  • Italian: corridoio
  • Japanese: 通路
  • Korean: 통로
  • Norwegian: midtgang
  • Polish: przejście nawa
  • European Portuguese: coxia
  • Romanian: culoar
  • Russian: проход
  • Latin American Spanish: pasillo
  • Swedish: gång
  • Thai: ทางเดินระหว่างที่นั่ง
  • Turkish: koridor
  • Ukrainian: прохід
  • Vietnamese: lối đi ở giữa
British English: walkway /ˈwɔːkˌweɪ/ NOUN
A walkway is a path or passage for pedestrians, especially one which is raised above the ground.
...a narrow walkway between the buildings.
  • American English: walkway
  • Arabic: مـَمْشَى
  • Brazilian Portuguese: passagem
  • Chinese: 走道
  • Croatian: pješački put
  • Czech: chodník
  • Danish: løbegang
  • Dutch: wandelgang
  • European Spanish: pasadizo
  • Finnish: kävelytie
  • French: allée
  • German: Gehweg
  • Greek: διαδρόμος
  • Italian: passaggio pedonale
  • Japanese: 歩行者用通路
  • Korean: 보도
  • Norwegian: gangsti
  • Polish: przejście deptak
  • European Portuguese: passagem
  • Romanian: pasarelă
  • Russian: дорожка
  • Latin American Spanish: pasadizo
  • Swedish: gångbana
  • Thai: ทางเดินเท้า
  • Turkish: yayalara ayrılmış yol
  • Ukrainian: доріжка
  • Vietnamese: đường dành cho người đi bộ

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