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  1. (= 不远) near
    ⇒ 这两所大学离得很近。 (Zhè liǎng suǒ dàxué lí de hěn jìn.) The two universities are very near one another.
    ⇒ 近日 (jìnrì) recently
  2. (= 接近) close
    ⇒ 平易近人 (píng yì jìn rén) approachable
  3. (= 亲近) close to
    ⇒ 近邻 (jìnlín) close neighbours () neighbors ()

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'近' in Other Languages

British English: near /nɪə/ ADVERB
Near means at or to a place not far away.
He sat as near to the door as he could.
  • American English: near
  • Arabic: قَرِيبٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: perto
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: blizu
  • Czech: blízko
  • Danish: nær
  • Dutch: dichtbij
  • European Spanish: cerca espacio
  • Finnish: lähellä
  • French: près
  • German: nahe
  • Greek: κοντά
  • Italian: vicino
  • Japanese: 近くに
  • Korean: 가까이
  • Norwegian: nær
  • Polish: blisko
  • European Portuguese: perto
  • Romanian: aproape
  • Russian: близко
  • Latin American Spanish: cerca
  • Swedish: nära
  • Thai: ใกล้
  • Turkish: yakınında
  • Ukrainian: близько
  • Vietnamese: gần

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