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English translation of '顶峰'

顶峰 (頂峰)


  1. summit

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'顶峰' in Other Languages

British English: peak /piːk/ NOUN
The peak of a process or activity is the point at which it is at its strongest, most successful, or most fully developed.
...the peak of the morning rush hour.
  • American English: peak
  • Arabic: ذُرْوَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pico
  • Chinese: 顶峰
  • Croatian: vrhunac
  • Czech: vrchol činnosti
  • Danish: højdepunkt
  • Dutch: piek
  • European Spanish: pico monte
  • Finnish: huippu
  • French: pic
  • German: Gipfel
  • Greek: κορυφή
  • Italian: picco
  • Japanese: 尖端
  • Korean: 뾰족한 끝
  • Norwegian: topp
  • Polish: szczyt wierzchołek
  • European Portuguese: pico
  • Romanian: apogeu
  • Russian: вершина
  • Latin American Spanish: pico cúspide
  • Swedish: topp
  • Thai: จุดสูงสุด
  • Turkish: zirve
  • Ukrainian: пік
  • Vietnamese: đỉnh

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Translation of 顶峰 from the Collins Chinese to English
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