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Chinese translation of 'potato'


Word forms:pl potatoes

n (c/u)

  1. 马(馬)铃(鈴)薯 (mǎlíngshǔ) (个(個), )
  2. 土豆 (tǔdòu) (个(個), )

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'potato' in Other Languages

British English: potato /pəˈteɪtəʊ/ NOUN
Potatoes are vegetables with brown or red skins and white insides.
  • American English: potato
  • Arabic: بَطَاطِس
  • Brazilian Portuguese: batata
  • Chinese: 马铃薯
  • Croatian: krumpir
  • Czech: brambor
  • Danish: kartoffel
  • Dutch: aardappel
  • European Spanish: patata
  • Finnish: peruna
  • French: pomme de terre
  • German: Kartoffel
  • Greek: πατάτα
  • Italian: patata
  • Japanese: ジャガイモ
  • Korean: 감자
  • Norwegian: potet
  • Polish: ziemniak
  • European Portuguese: batata
  • Romanian: cartof
  • Russian: картофель
  • Latin American Spanish: papa tubérculo
  • Swedish: potatis
  • Thai: มันฝรั่ง
  • Turkish: patates
  • Ukrainian: картопля
  • Vietnamese: khoai tây


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