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French translation of 'Civil Service'

Civil Service

fonction f publique
[reform] de la fonction publique
[jobs] de la fonction publique
[rules, system] de la fonction publique

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'Civil Service' in Other Languages

British English: Civil Service NOUN
The Civil Service of a country consists of its government departments and all the people who work in them.
...a job in the Civil Service.
  • American English: civil service
  • Brazilian Portuguese: serviço público
  • Chinese: 政务
  • European Spanish: administración pública
  • French: fonction publique
  • German: Staatsdienst
  • Italian: pubblica amministrazione
  • Japanese: 政府官庁
  • Korean: 공무
  • European Portuguese: serviço público
  • Latin American Spanish: administración pública


Translation of Civil Service from the Collins English to French
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