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[ˈlʌv ]
1.  (for person) amour m
sb’s love for sb l’amour de qn pour qn
his love for his wife and children son amour pour sa femme et ses enfantsl’amour qu’il a pour sa femme et ses enfants
no love lost
There is little love lost between them. Ils se détestent.
not for love or money, for love nor money
You can’t get a ticket for love or money. Il n’y a pas moyen d’obtenir des billets.
2.  (for thing) amour m
love of sth [music, literature, animals, football] amour de qch
3.  (romantic, sexual) amour m
to be in love [one person] être amoureux/euse; [couple] s’aimer
to be in love with sb être amoureux/euse de qn
She’s in love with Paul. Elle est amoureuse de Paul.
to fall in love tomber amoureux/euse
to fall in love with sb tomber amoureux/euse de qn
to make love faire l’amour
to make love to sb faire l’amour avec qn
love at first sight le coup de foudre
4.  (in greetings)
to send one’s love to sb, to send sb one’s love adresser ses amitiés à qn
give my love to ...
Give Delphine my love. Embrasse Delphine pour moi.
love from Anne affectueusement, Anne
love, Rosemary amitiés, Rosemary
5.  (dear)
(addressing loved one) mon chéri (ma chérie)
(addressing stranger)
Are you OK, love? Ça va, madame ?Ça va, monsieur ?
6.  (Tennis)
“15 love” « 15 à rien »« 15 à zéro »
transitive verb
1.  [lover, partner, child, parents] aimer
I love you. Je t’aime.
to feel loved se sentir aimé(e)
to love each other s’aimer
2.  (like very much) [person] aimer beaucoup
Everybody loves her. Tout le monde l’aime beaucoup.
3.  [thing, activity] adorer
I love chocolate. J’adore le chocolat.
I love skiing. J’adore le ski.
to love doing sth, to love to do sth adorer faire qch
We both love dancing. Nous adorons danser tous les deux.
4.  (expressing wishes)
I’d love ... (would like) j’aimerais beaucoup ...
I would love a hot bath and clean clothes. J’aimerais beaucoup prendre un bain et me changer.
I’d love you to ...
I’d love you to come. J’aimerais beaucoup que tu viennes.
His wife would love him to give up his job. Sa femme aimerait beaucoup qu’il démissionne.
5.  (response to offer)
I’d love to. Avec grand plaisir.
I’d love to come. Cela me ferait très plaisir de venir.Je serais ravi de venir.

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You, on the other hand, maintain the absurd belief that love is more important than money.
Lisa Scottoline LEGAL TENDER (2001)
She'd have trouble raising a hundred dollars -'Rosie, please -'No, love.
Jon Cleary YESTERDAY'S SHADOW (2001)

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'love' in Other Languages

British English: love /lʌv/ NOUN
Love is the very strong warm feeling that you have when you care very much about someone, or you have strong romantic feelings for them.
In the four years since we married, our love has grown stronger.
  • American English: love
  • Arabic: حُبٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: amor
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: ljubav
  • Czech: láska
  • Danish: kærlighed
  • Dutch: liefde
  • European Spanish: amor
  • Finnish: rakkaus
  • French: amour
  • German: Liebe
  • Greek: αγάπη
  • Italian: amore
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 사랑
  • Norwegian: kjærlighet
  • Polish: miłość
  • European Portuguese: amor
  • Romanian: iubire
  • Russian: любовь
  • Latin American Spanish: amor
  • Swedish: kärlek
  • Thai: ความรัก
  • Turkish: sevgi/aşk
  • Ukrainian: кохання
  • Vietnamese: tình yêu
British English: love /lʌv/ VERB
care about If you love someone, you care very much about them.
  • American English: love
  • Arabic: يَوَدُّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: amar
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: voljeti
  • Czech: milovat
  • Danish: elske
  • Dutch: houden van
  • European Spanish: amar
  • Finnish: rakastaa
  • French: aimer
  • German: lieben
  • Greek: αγαπώ
  • Italian: amare
  • Japanese: 愛する
  • Korean: 사랑하다
  • Norwegian: elske
  • Polish: pokochać
  • European Portuguese: amar
  • Romanian: a iubi
  • Russian: любить
  • Latin American Spanish: amar
  • Swedish: älska
  • Thai: รัก
  • Turkish: sevmek
  • Ukrainian: кохати
  • Vietnamese: yêu
British English: love /lʌv/ VERB
enjoy If you love something, you like it very much.
We both love football.
  • American English: love
  • Arabic: يُحِبُّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: adorar
  • Chinese: 喜爱
  • Croatian: voljeti
  • Czech: zbožňovat
  • Danish: elsker
  • Dutch: houden van
  • European Spanish: encantar
  • Finnish: rakastaa
  • French: aimer beaucoup
  • German: gern mögen
  • Greek: αγαπώ
  • Italian: amare
  • Japanese: ・・・が大好きだ
  • Korean: 사랑하다
  • Norwegian: elske
  • Polish: uwielbiać
  • European Portuguese: adorar
  • Romanian: a-i plăcea
  • Russian: любить
  • Latin American Spanish: encantargustar mucho
  • Swedish: älska
  • Thai: รัก ชื่นชอบ
  • Turkish: sevmek
  • Ukrainian: любити
  • Vietnamese: yêu


Translation of love from the Collins English to French
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