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[ˈmʌðəʳ ]
1.  [of child, animal] mère f
my mother ma mère
2.  (form of address) maman
Hello, Mother. Bonjour, maman.
transitive verb
1.  (look after) s’occuper de
to be mothered (looked after by a mother) être pris(e) en charge par sa mère
2.  (pamper) dorloter

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Example Sentences Including 'mother'

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His mother, in her flannel nightgown, held the newborn Ashley, whose agonized screams filled the dining room.
Lisa Scottoline ROUGH JUSTICE (2001)
To face Loclon in the body of her foster mother was testing her to the limit.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
That touch was the only thing she remembered of her mother.

Trends of 'mother'

Extremely Common. mother is one of the 1000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

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'mother' in Other Languages

British English: mother /ˈmʌðə/ NOUN
Your mother is your female parent.
She sat on the edge of her mother's bed.
  • American English: mother
  • Arabic: اُمٌّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: mãe
  • Chinese: 母亲
  • Croatian: majka
  • Czech: matka
  • Danish: mor
  • Dutch: moeder
  • European Spanish: madre
  • Finnish: äiti
  • French: mère
  • German: Mutter
  • Greek: μητέρα
  • Italian: madre
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 어머니
  • Norwegian: mor
  • Polish: matka
  • European Portuguese: mãe
  • Romanian: mamă
  • Russian: мать
  • Latin American Spanish: madre
  • Swedish: mor
  • Thai: แม่
  • Turkish: anne
  • Ukrainian: мати
  • Vietnamese: mẹ


Translation of mother from the Collins English to French
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