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[kliːn ]
adjective (+er)
1.  sauber
(not used also) neu
to wash sth clean etw abwaschen
to wipe a disk clean (computing) alle Daten von einer Diskette löschen
to make a clean start ganz von vorne anfangen; (in life) ein neues Leben anfangen
he has a clean record gegen ihn liegt nichts vor
clean bill of lading (business) reines Konnossement
a clean driving licence ein Führerschein m ohne Strafpunkte
a clean break (figurative) ein klares Ende
2.  (not obscene)
[joke] stubenrein
[film] anständig
3.  (well-shaped)
[lines] klar
to make a clean breast of sth etw gestehen
I clean forgot das habe ich glatt(weg) vergessen (inf)
he got clean away er verschwand spurlos
to cut clean through sth etw ganz durchschneiden/durchschlagen etc
to come clean (informal) auspacken (inf)
to come clean about sth etw gestehen
transitive verb
sauber machen
(remove stains etc) säubern
(dry-clean) reinigen
[nails, paintbrush, furniture also, old buildings] reinigen
[window, shoes, vegetables] putzen
[fish, wound] säubern
[chicken] ausnehmen
(wash) (ab)waschen
(wipe) abwischen
[car] waschen
to clean one’s hands (wash) sich dat die Hände waschen or (mit Tuch) abwischen
to clean one’s teeth sich dat die Zähne putzen
clean the dirt off your face wisch dir den Schmutz vom Gesicht!
intransitive verb
to give sth a clean See  clean transitive verb
phrasal verbs
phrasal verbs
See clean out
phrasal verbs

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Example Sentences Including 'clean'

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The room was cramped and its furnishings old, but clean and simple.
Lisa Scottoline ROUGH JUSTICE (2001)
She then stood over him while the deed was done, to ensure he was properly clean.
Jennifer Fallon TREASON KEEP (2001)
The rest was putting crude into Northern Europe and shipping clean out of the refineries.
Robert Wilson BLOOD IS DIRT (2001)

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'clean' in Other Languages

British English: clean /kliːn/ ADJECTIVE
Something that is clean does not have any dirt or marks on it.
Make sure your hands are clean.
  • American English: clean
  • Arabic: نَظِيف
  • Brazilian Portuguese: limpo
  • Chinese: 清洁的
  • Croatian: čist
  • Czech: čistý
  • Danish: ren
  • Dutch: schoon
  • European Spanish: limpio
  • Finnish: puhdas siisti, tahraton
  • French: propre nettoyé
  • German: sauber
  • Greek: καθαρός
  • Italian: pulito
  • Japanese: 清潔な
  • Korean: 깨끗한
  • Norwegian: ren vasket
  • Polish: czysty
  • European Portuguese: limpo
  • Romanian: curat
  • Russian: чистый
  • Latin American Spanish: limpio
  • Swedish: ren inte smutsig
  • Thai: สะอาด
  • Turkish: temiz
  • Ukrainian: чистий
  • Vietnamese: sạch sẽ
British English: clean /kliːn/ VERB
When you clean something, you take all the dirt off it.
They cleaned the house from top to bottom.
  • American English: clean
  • Arabic: يُنَظِّفُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: limpar
  • Chinese: 打扫
  • Croatian: čistiti
  • Czech: čistit
  • Danish: rense
  • Dutch: schoonmaken
  • European Spanish: limpiar
  • Finnish: puhdistaa
  • French: nettoyer
  • German: reinigen
  • Greek: καθαρίζω
  • Italian: pulire
  • Japanese: 掃除する
  • Korean: ...을 깨끗이 하다
  • Norwegian: rengjøre
  • Polish: wyczyścić
  • European Portuguese: limpar
  • Romanian: a curăța
  • Russian: чистить
  • Latin American Spanish: limpiar
  • Swedish: rengöra
  • Thai: ทำความสะอาด
  • Turkish: temizlemek
  • Ukrainian: чистити
  • Vietnamese: dọn sạch


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