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German translation of 'trash'

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[træʃ ]
1.  (US) (refuse) Abfall m
(poor quality item) Schund m
(pop group etc) Mist m (inf)
3.  (pejorative, informal) (people) Gesindel ntPack nt
he is trash er taugt nichts
transitive verb
1.  (informal) [place] verwüsten
(crash) zu Schrott fahren
(vandalize) kaputt machen (inf)
2.  (especially US) (informal) (criticize) verreißen

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Used Occasionally. trash is one of the 30000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

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'trash' in Other Languages

British English: trash /træʃ/ NOUN
Trash consists of unwanted things or waste material such as old food.
The yards are full of trash.
  • American English: trash
  • Arabic: قَمَامَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: lixo
  • Chinese: 垃圾
  • Croatian: smeće
  • Czech: smetí
  • Danish: affald
  • Dutch: rotzooi
  • European Spanish: basura
  • Finnish: roska
  • French: ordures
  • German: Müll
  • Greek: σκουπίδια
  • Italian: immondizia
  • Japanese: くだらないこと
  • Korean: 허튼 소리
  • Norwegian: søppel
  • Polish: śmieci
  • European Portuguese: lixo
  • Romanian: gunoi
  • Russian: мусор
  • Latin American Spanish: basura
  • Swedish: skräp
  • Thai: ขยะ
  • Turkish: çöp
  • Ukrainian: непотріб
  • Vietnamese: rác


Translation of trash from the Collins English to German
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