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/let लेट्/
Word forms: lets, letting, let
1. transitive verb
If you let something happen, you allow it to happen.
होने देना
Thorne let him talk. Mum doesn't let me have many sweets. I can't let myself be distracted.

2. transitive verb
If you let someone into, out of, or through a place, you allow them to enter, leave, or go through it.
आने या जाने की अनुमति देना
I let myself into the flat. I'd better go and let the dog out.

3. transitive verb
You use let me when you are introducing something you want to do, or something you are offering to do.
मुझे...(करने, निकलने, जाने) दें
Let me explain. Let me get you something to drink.

4. transitive verb
You use let's or let us when you are making a suggestion.
आइए हम...
I'm bored. Let's go home. 'Shall we go in?' — 'Yes, let's.'

5. transitive verb, phrasal verb
If you let your house or land to someone, or if you let it out, you allow them to use it in exchange for regular payments.
किराया लगाना/किराए पर लगा देना

6. phrase
Let alone is used after a statement, usually a negative one, to indicate that the statement is even more true of the person or situation that you are going to mention next.
‘की तो बात रहने दें’‘...की कौन कहे’
It is incredible that the 12-year-old managed to reach the pedals, let alone drive the car.

7. phrase
If you let go of someone or something, you stop holding them.
छोड़ देनामुक्त कर देना
She let go of Mona's hand.

8. phrase
If you let someone know something, you make sure that they know about it.
बतानाकह डालना
If you do want to go, please let me know.
let down
If you let someone down, you disappoint them, usually by not doing something that you said you would do.
निराश करना
Don't worry, Robert, I won't let you down.

If you let down something filled with air, such as a tyre, you allow air to escape from it.
हवा निकालनापिचकाना
let in
If an object lets in something such as air or water, it allows air or water to get into it or pass through it.
अंदर आने देना(से होकर) गुजरने देना
There is no glass in the front door to let in light.
let in on
If you let someone in on something that is a secret from most people, you allow them to know about it.
बता देनाज्ञात हो जाने देना
let off
If someone in authority lets you off a task or duty, they give you permission not to do it.
[Brit]नहीं करने की छूट देनाबाधा डालना
They let me off a couple of performances to go to Yorkshire.

If you let someone off, you give them a lighter punishment than they expect or no punishment at all.
क्षमा कर देना

If you let off an explosive or a gun, you explode or fire it.
विस्फोट करना(बम)फोड़नागोली चलाना
They let off fireworks to celebrate the Revolution.
let on
If you do not let on that something is true, you do not tell anyone that it is true.
[Brit]राज बता देना
I'd be in trouble if I let on.
let out
If something or someone lets water, air, or breath out, they allow it to flow out or escape.
बहने देनानिकलने देना
It lets sunlight in but doesn't let heat out.

2.  see also let 5
let up
If an unpleasant, continuous process lets up, it stops or reduces.
रुक जानारोक टोक करनाकम हो जाना
The rain finally let up.

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Example Sentences Including 'let'

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The camera fixes on her and won't let go.
John Walsh ARE YOU TALKING TO ME?: A Life Through the Movies (2004)
Landlords, like tenants, are already paying through the nose for the services of letting agents.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Many are choosing to let their property as an alternative as the returns are more secure.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
Most brokers will let clients rent before they buy.
Times, Sunday Times (2007)
That is why they let the banks get away with so much for so long.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)
This is far too important a subject to let pass.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
Will she let the police know he has an alibi?
The Sun (2012)
You shall let me think of you as happy.
George Eliot Daniel Deronda (1876)
But he says the squad have yet to let their hair down after a victory.
The Sun (2013)
Do you think their discipline let them down?
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
He allowed himself a wry smile and a promise to himself not to let it happen again.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
It is another sign of change that he speaks at all, let alone with such openness.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
Southampton goals let in after nine league games.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
The task is first and foremost to stop letting goals in.
Times, Sunday Times (2017)
They have to back him again and let him get on with it.
The Sun (2016)
Watch him cruise up to the leaders at the last before letting rip.
The Sun (2011)
We might let in a goal or stupidly lose a game.
Times, Sunday Times (2008)
We won't let anything like this come between us.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
You do not want to let other teams get too far away and you want to build on recent performances.
The Sun (2013)
Common examples are a group of friends sharing, a student house or a house let by room.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
It will be a tragedy if we let that happen again.
The Sun (2012)
MOST world leaders gave their support to the new US leader yesterday but many politicians let rip.
The Sun (2017)
Now she won't let me see my new son.
The Sun (2011)
Now we want to know why the psychiatric services let her out on the streets.
The Sun (2012)
See your dad regularly but try not to let your mum get to you.
The Sun (2016)
They got used to let it go and not comment because they would be killed.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
To them let me say this.
The Sun (2009)
We’ve gone from programming machines to do things to letting the machines figure out what to do.
Smithsonian Mag (2017)
Why did they stand aside and let it happen?
The Sun (2011)
Why not let the police use them.
The Sun (2016)
Yet the police and security services let him roam the streets with impunity.
The Sun (2013)
Our elders decided to let the house group handle the discipline and not involve themselves unless it was absolutely necessary.
Christianity Today (2000)
They tend to nudge reminders to you if they think you might be letting things slip too far.
Ingham, Christine Life Without Work (1994)
The police may let your youngster go without charging them.
Cohen, Julian & Kay, James Taking Drugs Seriously (1994)

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'let' in Other Languages

British English: let /lɛt/ VERB
If you let someone do something, you allow them to do it.
  • American English: let
  • Arabic: يَسْمَحُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: deixar
  • Chinese: 允许
  • Croatian: pustiti
  • Czech: dovolit
  • Danish: lade
  • Dutch: toestaan
  • European Spanish: dejar permitir
  • Finnish: sallia
  • French: laisser
  • German: lassen
  • Greek: αφήνω
  • Italian: lasciare
  • Japanese: ・・・させる
  • Korean: 허락하다
  • Norwegian: la
  • Polish: pozwolić
  • European Portuguese: deixar
  • Romanian: a permite
  • Russian: разрешать
  • Latin American Spanish: dejar permitir
  • Swedish: hyra ut
  • Thai: อนุญาต
  • Turkish: izin vermek
  • Ukrainian: дозволяти
  • Vietnamese: để cho

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