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/ˈspɪrɪt ˈस्पिरिट्/
Word forms: spirits, spiriting, spirited
1. singular noun
Your spirit is the part of you that is not physical and that is connected with your deepest thoughts and feelings.
भावना nfविचारधारा nf
She is physically weak but her spirit is very strong.

2. countable noun
A person's spirit is a part of them that is not physical and that is believed to remain alive after their death.
आत्मा nf

3. countable noun
A spirit is a ghost or supernatural being.
आत्मा nfप्रेतात्मा nf

4. uncountable noun
Spirit is courage, determination, and energy that someone shows during difficult times.
साहस mn
Everyone who knew her admired her spirit.

5. plural noun
You can refer to your spirits when saying how happy or unhappy you are. For example, if your spirits are high, you are happy.
जोश mnउत्साह mn
Exercise will help lift his spirits.

6. singular noun
The spirit in which you do something is the attitude you have when you are doing it.
भावना nf
Sick people with a fighting spirit are more likely to survive.

7. singular noun
The spirit of something such as a law or an agreement is the way that it was intended to be interpreted or applied.
सार mnभावार्थ mn
We have embraced the spirit of this law and what our obligations are.

8. transitive verb
If someone or something is spirited away, they are taken from a place quickly and secretly without anyone noticing.
गुप्त रूप से हटा दिया जाना

9. plural noun
In British English, spirits are strong alcoholic drinks such as whisky and gin. The American word is liquor.
मदिरा nfशराब nf

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Example Sentences Including 'spirit'

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It was a bunker, virtually indestructible, symbolic of the Conch spirit.
James Grippando A KING'S RANSOM (2001)
Well, everything is relative and there was life with Evelyn as well as the spirit of Bas haunting us at home.
Anita Anderson SOMEBODY (2001)
But even then the Dead Hand functioned, the spirit inside indifferent to any physical harm.

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'spirit' in Other Languages

British English: spirit /ˈspɪrɪt/ NOUN
Your spirit is the part of you that is not physical and that is connected with your deepest thoughts and feelings.
She is physically weak but her spirit is very strong.
  • American English: spirit
  • Arabic: رُوح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: espírito
  • Chinese: 精神
  • Croatian: duh
  • Czech: duševno
  • Danish: ånd
  • Dutch: geest karakter
  • European Spanish: espíritu
  • Finnish: henki
  • French: esprit cerveau
  • German: Geist Denken
  • Greek: πνεύμα
  • Italian: spirito
  • Japanese: 精神
  • Korean: 정신
  • Norwegian: ånd
  • Polish: duch dusza
  • European Portuguese: espírito
  • Romanian: spirit
  • Russian: душа
  • Latin American Spanish: espíritu
  • Swedish: ande andligt väsen
  • Thai: วิญญาณ
  • Turkish: ruh
  • Ukrainian: дух
  • Vietnamese: tinh thần


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