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/trəˈdɪʃən ट्रअˈडिशन्/
Word forms: traditions
variable noun
A tradition is a custom or belief that has existed for a long time.
परंपरा nf
...the rich traditions of Afro-Cuban music.
a tradition of something a tradition of tolerance/storytelling/poetry/worship uphold/maintain/preserve/continue a tradition keep a tradition alive a long/proud/ancient/oral tradition a family/folk//religious/Christian tradition tradition dictates something
custom, heritage, culture, practice, ritual
traditional adjectiveपारंपरिक
...traditional teaching methods.
traditional music/medicine/dress traditional values/beliefs/culture a traditional method/dish/style/marriage fairly/deeply/strictly traditional
old-fashioned, conventional
modern, contemporary
traditionally adverbपारंपरिक रूप से
This dish was traditionally eaten as a wedding breakfast.
traditionally associated/viewed/favoured
conventionally, usually, generally

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Example Sentences Including 'tradition'

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Lewis, in the best FBI tradition, told Chee absolutely nothing.
Tony Hillerman THE FALLEN MAN (1996)
In accordance with tradition, the Cathedral offered the full range of services every day.
Howatch, Susan ABSOLUTE TRUTHS (1996)
I was finding, contrary to tradition, that Romance made me hungry.
Barnard, Robert DEATH IN PURPLE PROSE (1996)

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'tradition' in Other Languages

British English: tradition /trəˈdɪʃən/ NOUN
A tradition is a custom or belief that has existed for a long time.
...the family tradition of giving away plants.
  • American English: tradition
  • Arabic: تَقْلِيد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tradição
  • Chinese: 传统
  • Croatian: tradicija
  • Czech: tradice
  • Danish: tradition
  • Dutch: traditie
  • European Spanish: tradición
  • Finnish: perinne
  • French: tradition
  • German: Tradition
  • Greek: παράδοση
  • Italian: tradizione
  • Japanese: 伝統
  • Korean: 전통
  • Norwegian: tradisjon
  • Polish: tradycja
  • European Portuguese: tradição
  • Romanian: tradiție
  • Russian: традиция
  • Latin American Spanish: tradición
  • Swedish: tradition
  • Thai: ประเพณี
  • Turkish: gelenek
  • Ukrainian: традиція
  • Vietnamese: truyền thống


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