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Italian translation of 'boy'




  1. ragazzo
    1. (small) bambino
    2. (son) figlio
    3. (servant) servo
    a boy of fifteen un ragazzo di quindici anni
    a boy of seven un bambino di sette anni
    she has two boys and a girl ha due maschi e una femmina
    she had a boy ha avuto un maschio
    a baby boy un maschietto
    school for boys scuola maschile
    when I was a boy quand'ero piccolo
    boys will be boys che vuoi, sono maschi
    he's out with the boys è fuori con gli amici
    old boy vecchio mio
    my dear boy mio caro
    oh boy! mamma mia!

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Very Common. boy is one of the 4000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

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'boy' in Other Languages

British English: boy /bɔɪ/ NOUN
A boy is a male child.
He was still just a boy.
  • American English: boy
  • Arabic: وَلَد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: menino
  • Chinese: 男孩
  • Croatian: dječak
  • Czech: chlapec
  • Danish: dreng
  • Dutch: jongen
  • European Spanish: niño
  • Finnish: poika
  • French: garçon
  • German: Junge
  • Greek: αγόρι
  • Italian: ragazzo
  • Japanese: 少年
  • Korean: 소년
  • Norwegian: gutt
  • Polish: chłopiec
  • European Portuguese: menino
  • Romanian: băiat
  • Russian: мальчик
  • Latin American Spanish: muchacho
  • Swedish: pojke
  • Thai: เด็กชาย
  • Turkish: oğlan çocuğu
  • Ukrainian: хлопчик
  • Vietnamese: con trai nam


Translation of boy from the Collins English to Italian
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