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Italian translation of 'bread'




  1. pane m
    1. (informal, money) grana
    brown bread pane integrale
    sliced white bread pancarrè m
    to earn one's daily bread guadagnarsi il pane
    to know which side one's bread is buttered on saper da che parte conviene stare

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NEW from Collins!
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Example Sentences Including 'bread'

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Two apples, jam, some bread that would toast up nicely once he scraped off a little mold.
Greg Bear DEAD LINES (2002)
Voss and the chauffeur drank a coffee in the canteen and ate bread and eggs.
The women at the side of the road were already packing up their long oblong loaves of sweet Ghanaian bread.
Think rich and you make money, think poor and someone steals your loaf of bread.
Anita Anderson SOMEBODY (2002)

Trends of 'bread'

Very Common. bread is one of the 4000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

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'bread' in Other Languages

British English: bread /brɛd/ NOUN
Bread is a food made from flour, water, and often yeast.
...a loaf of bread.
  • American English: bread
  • Arabic: خُبْز
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pão
  • Chinese: 面包
  • Croatian: kruh
  • Czech: chléb
  • Danish: brød
  • Dutch: brood
  • European Spanish: pan
  • Finnish: leipä
  • French: pain
  • German: Brot
  • Greek: ψωμί
  • Italian: pane
  • Japanese: パン
  • Korean: 식빵
  • Norwegian: brød
  • Polish: chleb
  • European Portuguese: pão
  • Romanian: pâine
  • Russian: хлеб
  • Latin American Spanish: pan
  • Swedish: bröd
  • Thai: ขนมปัง
  • Turkish: ekmek
  • Ukrainian: хліб
  • Vietnamese: bánh mì


Translation of bread from the Collins English to Italian
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