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Italian translation of 'off-peak'




    1. (time) non di punta
    2. (ticket, heating) a tariffa ridotta
    3. (tariff) ridotto (‑a)
    it's cheaper to go on holiday off-peak costa meno andare in vacanza in bassa stagione
    train tickets are cheaper off-peak i biglietti ferroviari sono più economici al di fuori dell'ora di punta

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Example Sentences Including 'off-peak'

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It can take advantage of cheaper electricity tariffs available at off-peak times.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
Most importantly, they will let utilities control demand by giving discounts for off-peak energy use.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)
Shoppers who clip discount coupons may tend to shop during off-peak hours when stores are less congested.
Miller, Roger LeRoy & Fishe, Raymond P. H. Microeconomics: Price Theory in Practice (1995)
Consider if you could use a cheaper off-peak membership.
The Sun (2012)
In tests that included calling standard landlines and mobile phones at peak and off-peak times, quality was only slightly poorer than standard calls.
Times, Sunday Times (2007)
Plan ahead and try to go at off-peak times.
Times, Sunday Times (2007)
Companies should be obliged to run slots at peak and off-peak times.
Times, Sunday Times (2006)

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'off-peak' in Other Languages

British English: off-peak /ˈɒfˌpiːk/ ADVERB
If things are available off-peak, they are available at a time when there is less demand for them, so they are cheaper than usual.
Calls cost less per minute off-peak.
  • American English: off-peak
  • Arabic: فِي غَيرِ وَقْتِ الْذُرُوَّةِ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: menos movimentado
  • Chinese: 在非高峰期
  • Croatian: izvansezonski
  • Czech: mimo špičku
  • Danish: når der ikke er spidsbelastning
  • Dutch: buiten de spits
  • European Spanish: fuera de la hora punta
  • Finnish: sesonkiajan ulkopuolella
  • French: aux heures creuses
  • German: außerhalb der Hauptverkehrszeiten
  • Greek: εκτός αιχμής
  • Italian: fuori ore di punta
  • Japanese: ピーク時でなく
  • Korean: 한산한 때에
  • Norwegian: lav-
  • Polish: poza godzinami szczytu
  • European Portuguese: menos movimentado
  • Romanian: în afara orelor de vârf
  • Russian: внесезонный
  • Latin American Spanish: fuera de la hora pico
  • Swedish: låg-
  • Thai: ซึ่งมีราคาถูกและไม่ใช่ช่วงที่นิยม
  • Turkish: iş saatleri dışında
  • Ukrainian: який відбувається не в годину пік
  • Vietnamese: ngoài giờ cao điểm
British English: off-peak ADJECTIVE
You use off-peak to describe something that happens or that is used at times when there is least demand for it.
Callers now pay a bit more during peak times than during off-peak times.
  • American English: off-peak
  • Brazilian Portuguese: de baixa estação
  • Chinese: 非高峰时间的
  • European Spanish: fuera de la hora punta
  • French: creux
  • German: außerhalb der Stoßzeit
  • Italian: non di punta
  • Japanese: ピーク時でない
  • Korean: 비수기의
  • European Portuguese: de baixa estação
  • Latin American Spanish: fuera de la hora punta


Translation of off-peak from the Collins English to Italian
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