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    1. (morally good) retto (‑a), onesto (‑a)
    2. (just) giusto (‑a)
    it's not right to behave like that non sta bene fare così
    it's not right to leave children alone in a house non è ammissibile lasciare i bambini da soli a casa
    it's not right! non è giusto!
    it is only right that ... è più che giusto che...
    to do what is right fare ciò che si crede giusto
    I thought it right to warn him mi è sembrato giusto avvertirlo
  1. (suitable, person, clothes, time) adatto (‑a), appropriato (‑a)
    to choose the right moment for sth/to do sth scegliere il momento giusto or adatto per qc/per fare qc
    that's the right attitude! così va bene!
    to say the right thing dire la cosa giusta
    you did the right thing hai fatto bene
    what's the right thing to do? qual è la cosa migliore da farsi?
    to know the right people conoscere la gente giusta
  2. (correct)
    1. (answer, solution etc) giusto (‑a), esatto (‑a), corretto (‑a)
    2. (size) giusto (‑a)
    right first time! hai azzeccato al primo colpo!
    to get sth right far giusto qc
    I got every question right ho risposto esattamente a tutte le domande
    let's get it right this time! cerchiamo di farlo bene stavolta!
    to get one's facts right sapere di che cosa si parla
    get your facts right! non parlare se non sei sicuro di quello che dici!
    (yes,) that's right sì, esatto
    the right answer la risposta esatta
    the right road la strada buona
    the right time l'ora esatta
    do you have the right time? hai l'ora esatta?
    it isn't the right size non è la taglia giusta
    to get on the right side of sb (figurative) entrare nelle grazie di qn
    to put a clock right rimettere (all'ora esatta) un orologio
    to put a mistake right (British) correggere un errore
    right you are! or right-oh! (informal) va bene!
  3. to be right (person) aver ragione (answer, behaviour) essere giusto (‑a) or corretto (‑a)
    you're quite right or (informal) you're dead right hai proprio or perfettamente ragione
    you were right to come to me hai fatto bene a venire da me
  4. (well, in order)
    to be/feel as right as rain essere/sentirsi completamente ristabilito (‑a)
    he is not quite right in the head gli manca una rotella
    I don't feel quite right non mi sento del tutto a posto
    all's right with the world tutto va bene
    the stereo still isn't right lo stereo ha ancora qualcosa che non va
  5. (not left) destro (‑a)
    my right hand la mano destra
    I'd give my right arm to know ... darei un occhio per sapere...
  6. (mathematics, angle) retto (‑a)
  7. (informal, intensive)
    a right idiot un perfetto idiota


  1. (directly, exactly)
    right now (at this moment) in questo momento, proprio adesso (immediately) subito
    right away subito
    I'll do it right away lo faccio subito
    right off subito (at the first attempt) al primo colpo
    right here proprio qui
    she (just) went right on talking ha continuato a parlare lo stesso
    right against the wall proprio contro il muro
    right ahead sempre diritto, proprio davanti
    right behind/in front of proprio dietro/davanti a
    right before/after subito prima/dopo
    right after the summer subito dopo l'estate
    right in the middle proprio nel (bel) mezzo (of target) in pieno centro
    right round sth tutt'intorno a qc
    right at the end proprio alla fine
  2. (completely) completamente
    to go right back to the beginning of sth ricominciare qc da capo
    to go right to the end of sth andare fino in fondo a qc
    to push sth right in spingere qc fino in fondo
    to read a book right through leggere un libro dall'inizio alla fine
    1. (correctly) giusto, bene
    2. (well) bene
    if I remember right se mi ricordo bene
    if everything goes right se tutto va bene
    did I pronounce it right? l'ho pronunciato bene?
  3. (properly, fairly) giustamente, con giustizia
    to treat sb right trattare qn in modo giusto
    you did right not to go hai fatto bene a non andarci
  4. (not left) a destra
    turn right at the traffic lights al semaforo gira a destra
    right, left and centre (figurative) da tutte le parti
  5. right, who's next? bene, chi è il prossimo?
    right then, let's begin! (va) bene allora, cominciamo!
  6. all right! va bene!, d'accordo! (that's enough) va bene!
    it's all right (don't worry) va (tutto) bene
    it's all right for you! già, facile per te!
    is it all right for me to go at 4? va bene se me ne vado alle 4?
    I'm/I feel all right now adesso sto/mi sento bene


  1. right and wrong il bene e il male
    to be in the right essere nel giusto
    to know right from wrong distinguere il bene dal male
    I want to know the rights and wrongs of it voglio sapere chi ha ragione e chi ha torto
    two wrongs don't make a right due errori non ammontano a una cosa giusta
  2. (claim, authority) diritto
    film rights diritti mpl di riproduzione cinematografica
    to have a right to sth aver diritto a qc
    you have a right to your own opinions è tuo diritto pensarla come vuoi
    the right to be/say/do sth il diritto di essere/dire/fare qc
    what right have you got to ...? che diritto hai di...?
    you've got no right to do that non hai diritto di farlo
    by rights di diritto
    to be within one's rights avere tutti i diritti
    to own sth in one's own right possedere qc per conto proprio
    she's a good actress in her own right è una brava attrice anche per conto suo
    1. (not left) destra
    2. (boxing, punch) destro
    the Right (politics) la destra
    to the right (of) sul lato destro (di)
    on the right (of) a destra (di)
  3. to set or put to rights mettere a posto

transitive verb

    1. (correct)
      1. (balance) ristabilire
      2. (wrong, injustice) riparare a
    2. (vehicle, vessel) raddrizzare
    to right itself (vehicle, vessel) raddrizzarsi (situation) risolversi da solo or da sé


  1. bene!

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Example Sentences Including 'right'

These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Read more…
It is important to ensure your books stay in good condition by keeping them in the right way.
Times, Sunday Times (2006)
The thinking is that getting the basics right is a step forward for most of us.
Piercy, Nigel Market-led Strategic Change (1991)
These were put right after the tweet and he was given 60 credit.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)
We have to hope that the right one wins out.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
We have to make sure we get the right people.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
We will point them in the right direction and help them all the way.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)
What limitations should be placed on these rights and privileges?
A Conceptual View of Human Resource Management: Strategic Objectives, Environments, Functions
You could also use charts to establish whether it is the right time to buy a stock.
Times, Sunday Times (2006)
The constitution denied women political rights for the time being.
Lucy Moore Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in Revolutionary France (2006)
This will stop you struggling to get it right in one go.
The Sun (2015)
With your left arm, reach through the gap beneath your right arm, past your torso.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
We must be doing something right in training.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)
He also had the right kind of experience to understand and explain the crisis.
Times, Sunday Times (2012)
Leaning to the left and right means that you can carve on pavements.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
We look each other in the eye and we know if something is right.
Times, Sunday Times (2017)
We met and it just felt right.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
You can put things right if you want to.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)
Divorce lawyers told him he had to hand over the sum he got for the film rights.
The Sun (2016)
Going green will cost too much right past it.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
He said that arts and culture were not a sideshow but right at the centre of the economy.
Times, Sunday Times (2006)
It is not right that the company should be penalised in this way.
Times, Sunday Times (2011)
No government has the right to use such force against its own people.
Times, Sunday Times (2009)
The gesture involves touching the right shoulder with the left hand while pointing the right arm down.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
There was something not quite right about him.
The Sun (2008)
They have put pressure on her to sign away visiting rights to her daughter.
Times, Sunday Times (2017)
We need to back businesses right across the country and in all industries.
Times, Sunday Times (2014)
Human rights groups point out that she has been denied access to a lawyer.
Times, Sunday Times (2016)
There is a huge gulf between disapproval and strong moral condemnation and the right to make a decisive intervention.
Times, Sunday Times (2013)
Both can be effective but only if the right support systems are in place.
Christianity Today (2000)

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'right' in Other Languages

British English: right /raɪt/ ADJECTIVE
correct If something is right, it is correct and there have been no mistakes.
Only one child in the class knew the right answer.
  • American English: right correct
  • Arabic: صَحِيح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: certo
  • Chinese: 正确的
  • Croatian: ispravan
  • Czech: správný
  • Danish: rigtig
  • Dutch: juist
  • European Spanish: correcto
  • Finnish: oikea
  • French: vrai juste
  • German: richtig
  • Greek: ορθός
  • Italian: corretto
  • Japanese: 正しい correct
  • Korean: 정확한
  • Norwegian: riktig
  • Polish: prawidłowy
  • European Portuguese: correto
  • Romanian: corect
  • Russian: правильный
  • Latin American Spanish: correcto
  • Swedish: rätt inte fel
  • Thai: ถูกต้อง
  • Turkish: doğru işlem, hareket
  • Ukrainian: правильний
  • Vietnamese: đúng
British English: right /raɪt/ ADJECTIVE
opposite of left The right side is the side that is towards the east when you look north.
Most people write with their right hand.
  • American English: right not left
  • Arabic: يـَمِيـن
  • Brazilian Portuguese: direito
  • Chinese: 右边的
  • Croatian: desni
  • Czech: pravý ne levý
  • Danish: højre
  • Dutch: rechts
  • European Spanish: derecho
  • Finnish: oikeanpuoleinen
  • French: droit pas gauche
  • German: rechts
  • Greek: δεξιός
  • Italian: destro
  • Japanese: 右の not left
  • Korean: 오른쪽의
  • Norwegian: høyre
  • Polish: prawy
  • European Portuguese: direito
  • Romanian: drept
  • Russian: правый
  • Latin American Spanish: derecho
  • Swedish: höger
  • Thai: ทางขวา
  • Turkish: sağ yan, yön
  • Ukrainian: правий
  • Vietnamese: phải bên
British English: right /raɪt/ ADVERB
If someone is right about something, they are correct.
He guessed right about some things.
  • American English: right
  • Arabic: عَلَى حَقّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: direito
  • Chinese: 正当地
  • Croatian: ispravno
  • Czech: správně
  • Danish: rigtigt
  • Dutch: juist
  • European Spanish: correctamente
  • Finnish: oikein
  • French: bien
  • German: direkt
  • Greek: σωστά
  • Italian: proprio
  • Japanese: 正しく
  • Korean: 옳게
  • Norwegian: riktig
  • Polish: dobrze właściwie
  • European Portuguese: direito
  • Romanian: drept
  • Russian: правильно
  • Latin American Spanish: correctamente
  • Swedish: rätt
  • Thai: อย่างถูกต้อง
  • Turkish: doğru olarak
  • Ukrainian: правильно
  • Vietnamese: đúng
British English: right /raɪt/ NOUN
Right is used to talk about actions that are good and acceptable.
At least he knew right from wrong.
  • American English: right
  • Arabic: حَقّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: correto
  • Chinese: 正确
  • Croatian: ispravno
  • Czech: právo
  • Danish: ret modat forkert
  • Dutch: goed
  • European Spanish: derecha
  • Finnish: oikeus johonkin
  • French: droite
  • German: Recht
  • Greek: δικαίωμα
  • Italian: diritto
  • Japanese: 権利
  • Korean: 권리
  • Norwegian: rettighet
  • Polish: prawo swoboda
  • European Portuguese: direito
  • Romanian: bine
  • Russian: право
  • Latin American Spanish: bien hacer lo correcto
  • Swedish: rättighet
  • Thai: สิทธิ
  • Turkish: hak
  • Ukrainian: дійсність
  • Vietnamese: quyền được làm


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