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[kɪs ]
beso m
(light touch) roce m
to blow sb a kiss tirar un beso a algndar un beso volado a algn
the kiss of death (figurative) el golpe de gracia
to give sb a kiss dar un beso a algn
the kiss of life (especially British) (artificial respiration) respiración f boca a boca; (figurative) nueva vida fnuevas fuerzas fpl
transitive verb
to kiss sb’s cheek/hand besar a algn en la mejilla/besar la mano a algn
to kiss sb goodbye/goodnight dar un beso de despedida/de buenas noches a algn
to kiss away sb’s tears enjugar las lágrimas a algn con besos
▪ idiom: to kiss ass (especially US) (vulgar) lamer culos (vulg)
to kiss sb’s ass (especially US) (vulgar) lamer el culo a algn (vulg)hacer la pelota a algn (inf)
kiss my ass! (especially US) (vulgar) ¡vete a la mierda! (vulg)¡vete al carajo! (esp Latin America) (vulg)
intransitive verb
they kissed se besaronse dieron un beso
to kiss and make up hacer las paces

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'kiss' in Other Languages

British English: kiss /kɪs/ NOUN
A kiss is the act of touching somebody with your lips to show affection or to greet them.
I put my arms around her and gave her a kiss.
  • American English: kiss
  • Arabic: قُبْلَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: beijo
  • Chinese: 接吻
  • Croatian: poljubac
  • Czech: polibek
  • Danish: kys
  • Dutch: kus
  • European Spanish: beso
  • Finnish: suukko
  • French: baiser
  • German: Kuss
  • Greek: φιλί
  • Italian: bacio
  • Japanese: キス
  • Korean: 키스
  • Norwegian: kyss
  • Polish: pocałunek
  • European Portuguese: beijo
  • Romanian: sărut
  • Russian: поцелуй
  • Latin American Spanish: beso
  • Swedish: puss
  • Thai: การจูบ
  • Turkish: öpücük
  • Ukrainian: поцілунок
  • Vietnamese: nụ hôn
British English: kiss /kɪs/ VERB
If you kiss someone, you touch them with your lips to show affection, or to greet them or say goodbye.
She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.
They kissed briefly.
  • American English: kiss
  • Arabic: يُقَبِّلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: beijar
  • Chinese: 接吻
  • Croatian: poljubiti
  • Czech: líbat (se)
  • Danish: kysse
  • Dutch: kussen
  • European Spanish: besar
  • Finnish: suudella
  • French: embrasser
  • German: küssen
  • Greek: φιλώ
  • Italian: baciare
  • Japanese: キスする
  • Korean: 키스하다
  • Norwegian: kysse
  • Polish: pocałować
  • European Portuguese: beijar
  • Romanian: a săruta
  • Russian: целовать
  • Latin American Spanish: besar
  • Swedish: pussas
  • Thai: จูบ
  • Turkish: öpmek
  • Ukrainian: цілувати(ся)
  • Vietnamese: hôn


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