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in the sense of mutilate
to spoil or damage severely
The writer's verdict was that his screenplay had been mutilated.
in the sense of ruin
to destroy or spoil completely
The original decor was all ruined during renovation.
mess up,
blow (slang),
screw up (informal),
cock up (British, slang),
fuck up (offensive, taboo, slang),
make a mess of,
bodge (informal),
crool or cruel (Australian, slang)
in the sense of slay
to kill, esp. violently
the hill where he slew the dragon
in the sense of spoil
to make (something) less valuable, beautiful, or useful
It is important not to let mistakes spoil your life.
total (slang),
blow (slang),
trash (slang),
mess up,
put a damper on,
crool or cruel (Australian, slang)
in the sense of wreck
to break, spoil, or destroy completely
Vandals wrecked the garden.
total (slang),
trash (slang),
dash to pieces,
kennet (Australian, slang),
jeff (Australian, slang)

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