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Synonyms of 'disintegrate'

to lose cohesion
The empire began to disintegrate.
A section of the Bay Bridge had collapsed.
Her father fell into the sea after a massive heart attack.
He was afraid the revolution they had started would fail.
The company folded in 1990.
The talks have foundered.
give way
The whole ceiling gave way and fell in on us.
Does that mean that the whole house is subsiding?
cave in
It's an exploded fracture – the bones have fragmented.
Sometimes we just crumpled under our grief.
go belly-up (informal)
fall apart at the seams
The university system is falling apart at the seams.
(of an object) to break into fragments
At 420 mph the windscreen disintegrated.
break up
Under the pressure, the flint crumbled into fragments.
The chalk cliffs are crumbling.
fall apart
The work was never finished and bit by bit the building fell apart.
Her parents separated when she was very young.
, ,
The ruler cracked and splintered into pieces.
break apart
fall to pieces
go to pieces

Additional synonyms

in the sense of crumble
to fall apart or decay
Under the pressure, the flint crumbled into fragments.The chalk cliffs are crumbling.
break up,
tumble down,
go to pieces,
come to dust
in the sense of crumple
Sometimes we just crumpled under our grief.
cave in,
go to pieces
in the sense of fail
to be unsuccessful in an attempt
He was afraid the revolution they had started would fail.
be unsuccessful,
fall flat,
come to nothing,
go down,
flop (informal),
be defeated,
fall short,
fall short of,
fizzle out (informal),
come unstuck,
run aground,
be in vain,
fall by the wayside,
go astray,
come a cropper (informal),
go up in smoke,
go belly-up (slang),
come to naught,
lay an egg (slang, US, Canadian),
go by the board,
not make the grade (informal),
go down like a lead balloon (informal),
turn out badly,
fall flat on your face,
meet with disaster,
be found lacking or wanting

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