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in the sense of upright
honest or just
a very upright, trustworthy man
in the sense of virtuous
morally good
The president is portrayed as a virtuous family man.
in the sense of well-favoured
bonny (Scottish, Northern England, dialect),
comely (old-fashioned)
in the sense of wispy
thin, fine, or delicate
a wispy chiffon dress
in the sense of world-class
being as good as anyone else in the world in a particular field
He was determined to become a world-class tennis player.
A1 or A-one (informal),
mean (slang),
sick (slang),
booshit (Australian, slang),
exo (Australian, slang),
sik (Australian, slang),
rad (informal),
phat (slang),
schmick (Australian, informal)

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