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Synonyms of 'in the wrong'

mistaken or guilty
He didn't argue because he knew he was in the wrong.
They were found guilty of manslaughter.
The guilty pair were caught red-handed.
I see I was mistaken about you.
at fault
She didn't accept that she was at fault.
off course
off target
in error
to be blamed
off beam (informal)
See wrong

Additional synonyms

in the sense of at fault
to be to blame for something wrong
She didn't accept that she was at fault.
in the sense of mistaken
wrong in opinion or judgment
I see I was mistaken about you.
off the mark,
off target,
in error,
off base (US, Canadian, informal),
barking up the wrong tree (informal),
off beam (informal),
getting the wrong end of the stick (informal),
way off beam (informal),
under a misapprehension,
labouring under a misapprehension

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