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Synonyms of 'misbehave'

to behave badly
When the children misbehave I cannot cope.
be naughty
be bad
act up (informal)
I could hear him acting up downstairs.
muck about (British, slang)
get up to mischief (informal)
carry on (informal)
They were yelling and laughing and carrying on.
be insubordinate
be good
, ,
toe the line
mind your manners
act correctly
mind your p's and q's
conduct yourself properly

Additional synonyms

in the sense of act up
I could hear him acting up downstairs.
carry on (informal),
cause trouble,
mess about,
be naughty,
horse around (informal),
give trouble,
piss about (taboo, slang),
piss around (taboo, slang),
give someone grief (British, South Africa),
give bother
in the sense of carry on
to cause a fuss
They were yelling and laughing and carrying on.
make a fuss,
act up (informal),
create (slang),
raise Cain

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English Translation of "misbehave"
English Translation of "misbehave"
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