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in the sense of oversee
to watch over and direct (someone or something)
Get a surveyor to oversee and inspect the various stages of the work.
look after,
be responsible for,
preside over,
keep an eye on,
be on duty at,
have or be in charge of
in the sense of overseer
Officials agreed to appoint a federal overseer to run the agency's daily business.
boss (informal),
gaffer (informal, British),
super (informal),
baas (South Africa, offensive)
in the sense of scan
to glance over quickly
She scanned the advertisement pages of the newspaper.
glance over,
look over,
clock (British, slang),
check out (informal),
run over,
eyeball (slang),
size up (informal),
get a load of (informal),
look someone up and down,
run your eye over,
take a dekko at (British, slang, old-fashioned),
in the sense of supervise
to watch over (people) so as to ensure appropriate behaviour
He supervised and trained more than 400 volunteers.
keep an eye on
in the sense of supervisor
a full-time job as a supervisor at a factory
boss (informal),
gaffer (informal, British),
baas (South Africa, offensive)
in the sense of survey
to view or consider (something) as a whole
He pushed himself to his feet and surveyed the room.
look over,
eyeball (slang),
size up,
take stock of,
eye up,
recce (slang),
in the sense of watch
to look at or observe closely and attentively
I had the feeling we were being watched.
spy on,
keep an eye on,
stake out,
keep tabs on (informal),
keep watch on,
keep under observation,
keep under surveillance

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