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Synonyms of 'resent'

to feel bitter or indignant about
I resent being dependent on her.
be bitter about
, ,
object to
Few seem to grudge him his good fortune.
She spends £2,000 a year on it and she doesn't begrudge a penny.
take exception to
be offended by
be angry about
take offence at
take umbrage at
harbour a grudge against
be pissed (off) about (taboo, slang)
take as an insult
bear a grudge about
be in a huff about
take amiss to
have hard feelings about
, , , ,
be content with
be pleased with
feel flattered by

Additional synonyms

in the sense of begrudge
to give or allow unwillingly
She spends £2,000 a year on it and she doesn't begrudge a penny.
be bitter about,
object to,
be angry about,
be pissed (off) about (taboo, slang),
give reluctantly,
bear a grudge about,
be in a huff about,
give stingily,
have hard feelings about
in the sense of grudge
to resent or envy the success or possessions of
Few seem to grudge him his good fortune.

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