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in the sense of strip
to take something away from (someone)
The soldiers have stripped the civilians of their passports.
in the sense of swindle
to cheat (someone) out of money
He swindled investors out of millions of pounds.
do (slang),
skin (slang),
stiff (slang),
sting (informal),
rip (someone) off (slang),
rook (slang),
bamboozle (informal),
diddle (old-fashioned),
take (someone) for a ride (informal),
put one over on (someone) (informal),
pull a fast one (on someone) (informal),
bilk (of),
take to the cleaners (informal),
sell a pup (to) (slang),
cozen (rare),
hornswoggle (slang),
scam (slang)

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