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Synonyms of 'straighten'

to make (something) neat or tidy
She looked in the mirror and straightened her hair.
Trim and neaten the edges of the fabric.
He started to arrange the books in piles.
tidy (up)
Entries in the book are ordered alphabetically.
spruce up
smarten up
put in order
set or put to rights

Phrasal verbs

See straighten something out

Additional synonyms

in the sense of arrange
to put into a proper or systematic order
He started to arrange the books in piles.
put in order,
line up,
set out,
sort out (informal),
jack up (New Zealand, informal)
in the sense of order
to arrange (things) methodically or in their proper places
Entries in the book are ordered alphabetically.
line up,
set out,
sort out,
lay out,
put in order,
set in order,
put to rights

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English Translation of "straighten"
English Translation of "straighten"
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