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Synonyms of "terrorist"
Synonyms of "terrorist"
French Translation of "terrorist"
French Translation of "terrorist"
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Hindi Translation of "terrorist"
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Translations for 'terrorist'

British English: terrorist /ˈtɛrərɪst/ NOUN
A terrorist is a person who uses violence in order to achieve political aims.
A suspected terrorist was arrested.
  • American English: terrorist
  • Arabic: إِرْهَابيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: terrorista
  • Chinese: 恐怖分子
  • Croatian: terorist
  • Czech: terorista
  • Danish: terrorist
  • Dutch: terrorist
  • European Spanish: terrorista
  • Finnish: terroristi
  • French: terroriste
  • German: Terrorist
  • Greek: τρομοκράτης
  • Italian: terrorista
  • Japanese: テロリスト
  • Korean: 테러리스트
  • Norwegian: terrorist
  • Polish: terrorysta
  • European Portuguese: terrorista
  • Romanian: terorist
  • Russian: террорист
  • Latin American Spanish: terrorista
  • Swedish: terrorist
  • Thai: ผู้ก่อการร้าย
  • Turkish: terörist
  • Ukrainian: терорист
  • Vietnamese: kẻ khủng bố


Definition of terrorist from the Collins English Dictionary
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