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[kot ]
feminine noun
1.  (rivage) coast
La route longe la côte. The road follows the coast.
2.  (pente) slope
(sur une route) hill
Après le village, il y a une côte assez raide. There’s quite a steep hill when you leave the village.
3.  (Anatomy) rib
Il s’est cassé une côte en tombant. He broke a rib when he fell.
4.  [de tricot, tissu] ribribbing (no pl)
5.  (Cookery)
côte de porc pork chop
côte de bœuf rib of beef
côtes de bettes chard ribs

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Example Sentences Including 'côte'

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Le fioul pourrait atteindre la côte portugaise vers midi mercredi.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2002)
Le vent souffle en biais par rapport à la côte, mais le ballon va globalement dans la bonne direction.
Collectif (Edel, Patrick & Wolfram, Bernard) Carnets d'aventures, Spécial, 2/1989
Selon lui, « un quart des goélands présents sur la côte a la tête tachée de fioul.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2003)
Une étape gastronomique à inscrire dans votre séjour sur la côte d'Amour.
Marie Claire

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'côte' in Other Languages

British English: coast /kəʊst/ NOUN
The coast is an area of land next to the sea.
We stayed at a camp site on the coast.
  • American English: coast
  • Arabic: سَاحِل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: litoral
  • Chinese: 海岸
  • Croatian: obala
  • Czech: pobřeží
  • Danish: kyst
  • Dutch: kust
  • European Spanish: costa
  • Finnish: rannikko maantieteellinen
  • French: côte mer
  • German: Küste
  • Greek: ακτή
  • Italian: costa
  • Japanese: 沿岸
  • Korean: 해안
  • Norwegian: kyst
  • Polish: wybrzeże
  • European Portuguese: litoral
  • Romanian: coastă
  • Russian: побережье
  • Latin American Spanish: costa
  • Swedish: kust
  • Thai: ชายฝั่ง
  • Turkish: kıyı
  • Ukrainian: берег
  • Vietnamese: bờ biển
British English: rib /rɪb/ NOUN
Your ribs are the curved bones that go from your backbone around your chest.
Her heart was thumping against her ribs.
  • American English: rib
  • Arabic: ضِلْع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: costela
  • Chinese: 肋骨
  • Croatian: rebro
  • Czech: žebro
  • Danish: ribben
  • Dutch: rib
  • European Spanish: costilla
  • Finnish: kylkiluu
  • French: côte
  • German: Rippe
  • Greek: παΐδι
  • Italian: costola
  • Japanese: 肋骨
  • Korean: 늑골
  • Norwegian: ribbe
  • Polish: żebro
  • European Portuguese: costela
  • Romanian: coastă
  • Russian: ребро
  • Latin American Spanish: costilla
  • Swedish: revben
  • Thai: ซี่โครง
  • Turkish: kaburga
  • Ukrainian: ребро
  • Vietnamese: xương sườn
British English: coastline NOUN
A country's coastline is the outline of its coast.
This is some of the most exposed coastline in the world.
  • American English: coastline
  • Brazilian Portuguese: litoral
  • Chinese: 海岸线
  • European Spanish: litoral
  • French: côte
  • German: Küste
  • Italian: linea costiera
  • Japanese: 海岸線
  • Korean: 해안선
  • European Portuguese: litoral
  • Latin American Spanish: litoral


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