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[kupyʀ ]
feminine noun
1.  (blessure) cut
2.  (interruption)
[de liaison, voie de communication] break
[de subvention, crédits, vivres] cutting offwithdrawal
3.  [de moteur] cutting out
à la coupure du moteur when the engine cuts out
4.  (pause) break
coupure estivale summer break
5.  (fossé, séparation) division
6.  (also: coupure de courant) power cut
7.  (billet de banque) note
8.  [de journal] cutting

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Example Sentences Including 'coupure'

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Actuellement, la coupure est quasi totale entre Université et médias.
Merlino, Jacques Les vérités yougoslaves ne sont pas toutes bonnes à dire
C'est elle qui l'engage à refuser la coupure de la collaboration et de la libération.
Le Monde (1999)
C'est tellement super quand on en reprend après une coupure.
Marie Claire
Les possibilités de promotion n'existent plus, et la coupure entre générations est saisissante.
Le Monde (2002)
Sur la coupure de 200 francs, le viaduc de Garabit, conçu par Gustave Eiffel, est clairement identifiable.
Le Monde (2000)

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'coupure' in Other Languages

British English: cut /kʌt/ NOUN
A cut is a place on your skin where something sharp has gone through it.
He had a cut on his cheek.
  • American English: cut
  • Arabic: جُرْح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: corte
  • Chinese: 切口
  • Croatian: rez
  • Czech: říznutí
  • Danish: rift
  • Dutch: snee
  • European Spanish: corte
  • Finnish: leikkaus
  • French: coupure
  • German: Schnitt
  • Greek: κόψιμο
  • Italian: taglio
  • Japanese: 切断
  • Korean: 자른 부분
  • Norwegian: kutt
  • Polish: cięcie
  • European Portuguese: corte
  • Romanian: tăietură
  • Russian: порез
  • Latin American Spanish: corte
  • Swedish: skärsår
  • Thai: บาดแผล
  • Turkish: kesme
  • Ukrainian: поріз
  • Vietnamese: vết cắt
British English: cutting /ˈkʌtɪŋ/ NOUN
newspaper A cutting is a piece of writing cut from a newspaper or magazine.
...old newspaper cuttings.
  • American English: clipping
  • Arabic: قُصَاصَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: artigo jornal
  • Chinese: 切片
  • Croatian: izrezak
  • Czech: výstřižek
  • Danish: udklip
  • Dutch: krantenknipsel
  • European Spanish: recorte periódico
  • Finnish: lehtileike
  • French: coupure
  • German: Ausschnitt Zeitung
  • Greek: τομή
  • Italian: ritaglio
  • Japanese: 切り抜き
  • Korean: 절단
  • Norwegian: klipping
  • Polish: wycinek
  • European Portuguese: artigo jornal
  • Romanian: tăieturădin ziar
  • Russian: вырезка из газеты
  • Latin American Spanish: recorte
  • Swedish: stickling
  • Thai: การตัด
  • Turkish: gazete kesiği
  • Ukrainian: вирізка
  • Vietnamese: bài báo cắt ra


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