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[ɛ̃seʀe ]
Verb Table transitive verb
to insert
see also s’insérer

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Example Sentences Including 'insérer'

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Devaquet, si tu savais sur les manifs étudiantes de 86, a collecté des images amateurs pour les insérer dans son 52 minutes.
Ils doivent, quoi qu'il en soit, s'insérer dans la mécanique des emplois du temps.
Le Monde (2002)
Même en cas de victoire, il faudra penser à insérer les jeunes talents de l'équipe espoirs.
Le Monde (2002)

Trends of 'insérer'

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'insérer' in Other Languages

British English: squeeze in /skwiːz ɪn/ VERB
If you squeeze a person or thing in somewhere or if they squeeze in there, they manage to get through or into a small space.
They went down in the lift, squeezing in with half a dozen guests.
  • American English: squeeze in
  • Arabic: يَحْشو
  • Brazilian Portuguese: enfiar-se
  • Chinese: 挤进来
  • Croatian: ugurati se
  • Czech: vtěsnat
  • Danish: presse ind
  • Dutch: erin wringen (zich)
  • European Spanish: apretujarse
  • Finnish: sulloa
  • French: insérer
  • German: hineinzwängen (sich)
  • Greek: συμπιέζω
  • Italian: riuscire ad infilarsi
  • Japanese: 割り込む
  • Korean: 비집고 들어가다
  • Norwegian: klemme inn
  • Polish: wcisnąć się
  • European Portuguese: enfiar-se
  • Romanian: a se strecura
  • Russian: втискивать(ся)
  • Latin American Spanish: apretujarse
  • Swedish: klämma (sig) in
  • Thai: เบียดเข้าไป
  • Turkish: sıkışmak
  • Ukrainian: протискуватися
  • Vietnamese: chen lấn
British English: insert VERB
If you insert an object into something, you put the object inside it.
He took a small key from his pocket and slowly inserted it into the lock.
British English: slot VERB
If you slot something into something else, or if it slots into it, you put it into a space where it fits.
He was slotting a CD into a CD player.
  • American English: slot
  • Brazilian Portuguese: colocar em uma abertura
  • Chinese: 把…放入狭缝
  • European Spanish: encajar
  • French: insérer
  • German: stecken
  • Italian: inserire
  • Japanese: 差し込む
  • Korean: 끼워 넣다
  • European Portuguese: colocar numa abertura
  • Latin American Spanish: meter


Translation of insérer from the Collins French to English
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