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[myʀiʀ ]
Verb Table intransitive verb
1.  [fruit, blé] to ripen
Les fraises ont mis du temps à mûrir. The strawberries took some time to ripen.
2.  [abcès, furoncle] to come to a head
3.  (figurative)
[idée, personne] to mature
[projet] to develop
Verb Table transitive verb
1.  [fruit, blé] to ripen
2.  [personne] to make mature
Cette expérience l’a beaucoup mûrie. That experience has made her much more mature.
3.  [pensée, projet] to nurture

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Example Sentences Including 'mûrir'

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Au moment venu, quand cela aura mûri, si cela doit mûrir.
Le Monde (2000)
Elle a déjà envie que Roland-Garros recommence : " Entre-temps, j'aurai eu des expériences qui m'auront fait encore mûrir, dit -elle.
Le Monde (2002)
Il y a des raisons d'espérer que l'Afrique du Sud continuera à mûrir en tant que démocratie.
Le Monde (1999)
Sans cela, l'homme ne peut mûrir, et n'atteindra jamais le peu de sagesse sans laquelle la vie est un enfer.

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'mûrir' in Other Languages

British English: mature VERB
When a child or young animal matures, it becomes an adult.
You will learn what to expect as your child matures physically.
  • American English: mature
  • Brazilian Portuguese: amadurecer
  • Chinese: > 发育成熟小孩、幼崽
  • European Spanish: madurar
  • French: mûrir
  • German: reifen
  • Italian: maturare
  • Japanese: 大人になる
  • Korean: 장성하다
  • European Portuguese: amadurecer
  • Latin American Spanish: madurar
British English: ripen VERB
When crops ripen or when the sun ripens them, they become ripe.
I'm waiting for the apples to ripen.


Translation of mûrir from the Collins French to English
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