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[pjetine ]
Verb Table intransitive verb
1.  (trépigner) to stamp (one’s foot)
2.  (marquer le pas) to stand about
(figurative) to be at a standstill
Verb Table transitive verb
to trample on

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Example Sentences Including 'piétiner'

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Déguisés en mobiles géants, ses membres arrachent en pleine rue de Londres leur téléphone aux passants, avant de les piétiner en hurlant.
Le Monde (2001)
Enfin Fabrice, portant Lorenzo sur un bras pour qu'il ne se fasse pas piétiner, et tirant Mélanie de l'autre.
La France restera -t-elle longtemps à piétiner sur son Top 50 ?

Trends of 'piétiner'

Used Occasionally. piétiner is one of the 30000 most commonly used words in the Collins dictionary

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'piétiner' in Other Languages

British English: tread /trɛd/ VERB
stand If you tread on something, you put your foot on it when you are walking or standing.
Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to tread on your foot.
  • American English: step
  • Arabic: يَدوسُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pisar
  • Chinese: 踩踏
  • Croatian: gaziti
  • Czech: šlápnout na něco
  • Danish: træde
  • Dutch: treden
  • European Spanish: pisar
  • Finnish: astua
  • French: piétiner
  • German: treten
  • Greek: βαδίζω
  • Italian: camminare
  • Japanese: 踏む
  • Korean: 밟다
  • Norwegian: tråkke
  • Polish: kroczyć
  • European Portuguese: pisar
  • Romanian: a călca
  • Russian: ступать
  • Latin American Spanish: pisar
  • Swedish: trampa
  • Thai: เหยียบ
  • Turkish: basmak ayak
  • Ukrainian: наступати
  • Vietnamese: giẫm lên
British English: trample VERB
To trample on someone's rights or values or to trample them means to deliberately ignore them.
They say loggers are destroying rain forests and trampling on the rights of natives.


Translation of piétiner from the Collins French to English
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