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[vid ]
vide de empty of
vide de sens devoid of meaning
masculine noun
1.  (Physics) vacuum
sous vide in a vacuum
emballé sous vide vacuum-packed
2.  [espace] empty spacegap
3.  (abîme) [de falaise] drop
avoir peur du vide to be afraid of heights
4.  (futilité, néant) void
5.  (autres locutions)
à vide (sans occupants) empty; (sans charge) unladen; (Technical) without being in gear
faire le vide dans son esprit to make one’s mind go blank
faire le vide autour de qn to isolate sb
regarder dans le vide to stare into space
parler dans le vide to waste one’s breath

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Example Sentences Including 'vide'

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Débusquer ce qui se cache au-delà de la terreur, dans ce vide, sous cette eau d'encre.
Bombardier, Denise Tremblement de coeur
Mais, en milieu de matinée, les bus sont repartis à vide.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2002)
Moi je reste sage comme une image, les mains posées sur les genoux, légèrement voûtée, l'esprit vide.
Ergal, Yves-Michel L'offrande musicale
Pour le physicien moderne, le vide c'est l'état d'énergie zéro, un état d'où on ne peut rien extraire.
Couteau, Paul Le grand escalier. Des quarks aux galaxies
Sans un mot, ils s'assoient, prenant bien soin de laisser une chaise vide entre eux.
Marie Claire
Tout simplement parce que l'on retombe sur l'éternelle dialectique du verre à moitié vide ou à moitié plein.
Le Nouvel Observateur (2003)

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'vide' in Other Languages

British English: blank /blæŋk/ ADJECTIVE
Something that is blank has nothing on it.
...a blank page.
  • American English: blank
  • Arabic: فَارِغ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: em branco
  • Chinese: 空白的
  • Croatian: prazan
  • Czech: prázdný
  • Danish: blank
  • Dutch: blanco
  • European Spanish: en blanco
  • Finnish: tyhjä paperi ym.
  • French: vide
  • German: leer Blatt
  • Greek: κενός
  • Italian: vuoto
  • Japanese: 白紙の
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: blank
  • Polish: pusty
  • European Portuguese: em branco
  • Romanian: gol
  • Russian: пустой
  • Latin American Spanish: en blanco
  • Swedish: tom
  • Thai: ว่าง
  • Turkish: boş kağıt, zihin
  • Ukrainian: чистий
  • Vietnamese: trống
British English: blank /blæŋk/ NOUN
A blank is a space which is left in a piece of writing or on a printed form for you to fill in particular information.
Put a word in each blank to complete the sentence.
  • American English: blank
  • Arabic: فِرَاغ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: espaço vazio
  • Chinese: 空白
  • Croatian: praznina
  • Czech: mezera
  • Danish: mellemrum
  • Dutch: leegte
  • European Spanish: espacio en blanco
  • Finnish: tyhjä kohta
  • French: vide
  • German: Leerstelle
  • Greek: κενό
  • Italian: spazio vuoto
  • Japanese: 空欄
  • Korean: 공백
  • Norwegian: tomrom
  • Polish: puste miejsce
  • European Portuguese: espaço vazio
  • Romanian: spațiu liber
  • Russian: бланк
  • Latin American Spanish: espacio en blanco
  • Swedish: tom yta
  • Thai: ช่องว่าง
  • Turkish: boşluk yazı, zihin
  • Ukrainian: пропуск
  • Vietnamese: chỗ trống
British English: empty /ˈɛmptɪ/ ADJECTIVE
An empty place, vehicle, or container has no people or things in it.
The room was bare and empty.
  • American English: empty
  • Arabic: خالٍ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: vazio
  • Chinese: 空的
  • Croatian: prazan
  • Czech: prázdný
  • Danish: tom
  • Dutch: leeg
  • European Spanish: vacío
  • Finnish: tyhjä
  • French: vide
  • German: leer
  • Greek: άδειος
  • Italian: vuoto
  • Japanese: 空の
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: tom
  • Polish: pusty
  • European Portuguese: vazio
  • Romanian: gol
  • Russian: пустой
  • Latin American Spanish: vacío falto de contenido físico o mental
  • Swedish: tom
  • Thai: ว่างเปล่า
  • Turkish: boş mekan
  • Ukrainian: порожній
  • Vietnamese: trống rỗng
British English: void /vɔɪd/ NOUN
If you describe a situation or a feeling as a void, you mean that it seems empty because there is nothing interesting or worthwhile about it.
When he went away, he left a very deep void in my life.
  • American English: void
  • Arabic: فارِغ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: vazio
  • Chinese: 空旷
  • Croatian: praznina
  • Czech: prázdnota
  • Danish: tomrum
  • Dutch: leegte
  • European Spanish: vacío
  • Finnish: tyhjyys
  • French: vide
  • German: Leere
  • Greek: κενό
  • Italian: vuoto
  • Japanese: 空虚な感じ
  • Korean: 공허감
  • Norwegian: tomrom
  • Polish: próżnia
  • European Portuguese: vazio
  • Romanian: gol
  • Russian: пустота
  • Latin American Spanish: vacío falta, carencia o ausencia
  • Swedish: tomrum
  • Thai: ความว่างเปล่า
  • Turkish: boşluk uzay, geometri
  • Ukrainian: порожнеча
  • Vietnamese: cảm giác trống rỗng
British English: emptiness NOUN
A feeling of emptiness is an unhappy or frightening feeling that nothing is worthwhile.
The result later in life may be feelings of emptiness and depression.
  • American English: emptiness
  • Brazilian Portuguese: vazio
  • Chinese: 空虚
  • European Spanish: vacío
  • French: vide
  • German: Leere
  • Italian: vuoto
  • Japanese: >むなしさ心の
  • Korean: 공허감
  • European Portuguese: vazio
  • Latin American Spanish: vacío
British English: vacuum NOUN
If someone or something creates a vacuum, they leave a place or position which then needs to be filled by another person or thing.
The collapse of the army left a vacuum in the area.


Translation of vide from the Collins French to English
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