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English translation of 'Ansehen'


neuter nounWord forms: Ansehens genitive, no plural
(guter Ruf) (good) reputation
(Prestige) prestige
großes Ansehen genießen to enjoy a good reputation
zu Ansehen kommen to acquire a good reputation
(bei jdm) in hohem Ansehen stehen to be held in high regard (by sb)
an Ansehen verlieren to lose credit or standing


Verb Table transitive verb separable, irregular
1.  (betrachten) to look at
er sah mich ganz groß an he stared at me
er sah mich ganz böse an he gave me an angry look
jdn nicht mehr ansehen (figurative) (informal) not to want to know sb any more
sieh mal einer an! (informal) well, I never! (inf)
2.  (figurative) to regardto look upon (als, für as)
ich sehe es als meine Pflicht an I consider it to be my duty
sie sieht ihn nicht für voll an she doesn’t take him seriously
see also angesehen
(sich dat ) etw ansehen (besichtigen) to (have a) look at sth; [Fernsehsendung] to watch sth; [Film, Stück, Sportveranstaltung] to see sth
sich dative jdn/etw gründlich ansehen (literal, figurative) to take a close look at sb/sth
das sieht man ihm an he looks it
das sieht man ihm nicht an he doesn’t look it
das sieht man ihm an der Gesichtsfarbe an you can tell (that) by the colour (Brit) or color (US) of his face
man kann ihm die Strapazen der letzten Woche ansehen he’s showing the strain of the last week
man sieht ihm sein Alter nicht an he doesn’t look his age
jdm etw (an den Augen or an der Nasenspitze (humorous)) ansehen to tell sth by looking at sb
jeder konnte ihm sein Glück ansehen everyone could see that he was happy
etw (mit) ansehen to watch sth
das kann man doch nicht mit ansehen you can’t stand by and watch that
ich kann das nicht länger mit ansehen I can’t stand it any more
das habe ich (mir) lange genug (mit) angesehen! I’ve had enough of that!

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'Ansehen' in Other Languages

British English: look at /lʊk æt/ VERB
If you look at a book, newspaper, or magazine, you read it fairly quickly or read part of it.
You've just got to look at the last bit of Act Three.
  • American English: look at
  • Arabic: يَنْظُرُ إِلَىَ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: olhar para
  • Chinese: 考虑 consider
  • Croatian: prolistati
  • Czech: prolétnout rychle přečíst
  • Danish: se på
  • Dutch: kijken naar
  • European Spanish: mirar
  • Finnish: katsoa
  • French: regarder
  • German: ansehen
  • Greek: κοιτάζω
  • Italian: guardare
  • Japanese: ・・・をよく見る
  • Korean: 고찰하다
  • Norwegian: se på
  • Polish: popatrzeć na
  • European Portuguese: olhar
  • Romanian: a se uita la
  • Russian: взглянуть на
  • Latin American Spanish: mirar
  • Swedish: se på
  • Thai: ดูที่
  • Turkish: bakmak
  • Ukrainian: переглядати
  • Vietnamese: đọc sơ
British English: regard /rɪˈɡɑːd/ VERB
If you regard someone or something in a particular way, you think of them in that way, or have that opinion of them.
He regarded him as stupid.
  • American English: regard
  • Arabic: يَعْتَبِرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: considerar
  • Chinese: 认为
  • Croatian: smatrati
  • Czech: považovat
  • Danish: anse
  • Dutch: beschouwen
  • European Spanish: considerar contemplar
  • Finnish: pitää jonakin
  • French: considérer
  • German: ansehen
  • Greek: θεωρώ
  • Italian: considerare
  • Japanese: みなす
  • Korean: 간주하다
  • Norwegian: anse
  • Polish: uważać rozważać
  • European Portuguese: considerar
  • Romanian: a considera
  • Russian: расценивать
  • Latin American Spanish: considerar estimar
  • Swedish: tycka
  • Thai: พิจารณา
  • Turkish: değerlendirmek
  • Ukrainian: ставитися
  • Vietnamese: coi như
British English: esteem NOUN
Esteem is the admiration and respect that you feel towards another person.
He is held in high esteem by colleagues in the construction industry.
British English: kudos NOUN
Kudos is admiration or recognition that someone or something gets as a result of a particular action or achievement.
...a new hotel chain that has won kudos for the way it treats guests.


Translation of Ansehen from the Collins German to English
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