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feminine nounWord forms: Beleidigung genitive , Beleidigungen plural
(mündliche) slander
(schriftliche) libel
eine Beleidigung für den Geschmack an insult to one’s taste
eine Beleidigung für das Auge an eyesore
etw als Beleidigung auffassen to take sth as an insult

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'Beleidigung' in Other Languages

British English: insult /ˈɪnsʌlt/ NOUN
An insult is a rude remark or action which offends someone.
They shouted insults at each other.
  • American English: insult
  • Arabic: إِهَانَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: insulto
  • Chinese: 侮辱
  • Croatian: uvreda
  • Czech: urážka
  • Danish: fornærmelse
  • Dutch: belediging
  • European Spanish: insulto
  • Finnish: loukkaus
  • French: insulte
  • German: Beleidigung
  • Greek: προσβολή
  • Italian: offesa
  • Japanese: 侮辱
  • Korean: 모욕
  • Norwegian: fornærmelse
  • Polish: obraza
  • European Portuguese: insulto
  • Romanian: insultă
  • Russian: оскорбление
  • Latin American Spanish: insulto
  • Swedish: förolämpning
  • Thai: การดูถูก
  • Turkish: hakaret
  • Ukrainian: образа
  • Vietnamese: sự lăng mạ
British English: affront NOUN
If something is an affront to you, it is an obvious insult to you.
It's an affront to human dignity to keep someone alive like this.


Translation of Beleidigung from the Collins German to English
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