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[brɛt ]
neuter nounWord forms: Brett(e)s genitive , Bretter [ˈbrɛtɐ ] plural
(Holzplatte, Spielbrett) board
(länger und dicker) plank
(Regalbrett) shelf
Schwarzes Brett notice board (Brit)bulletin board (US)
ich habe heute ein Brett vor dem Kopf (informal) I can’t think straight today
2.  (figurative)
Bretter plural noun
(Bühne) stageboards pl
(Boden des Boxrings) canvas
(Skier) planks pl (inf)
die Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten the stage

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'Brett' in Other Languages

British English: board /bɔːd/ NOUN
of wood or plastic A board is a flat piece of wood, plastic, or cardboard which is used for a particular purpose.
...a chopping board.
  • American English: board wood
  • Arabic: لَوْح
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tábua
  • Chinese: 木板
  • Croatian: daska
  • Czech: prkno
  • Danish: bræt
  • Dutch: plank
  • European Spanish: tablón
  • Finnish: lauta
  • French: planche
  • German: Brett
  • Greek: σανίδα
  • Italian: asse
  • Japanese: wood
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: planke
  • Polish: deska
  • European Portuguese: tábua
  • Romanian: placaj
  • Russian: доска
  • Latin American Spanish: tabla pieza de madera plana
  • Swedish: bräda
  • Thai: กระดาน
  • Turkish: tahta okul
  • Ukrainian: дошка
  • Vietnamese: tấm ván
British English: plank NOUN
A plank is a long, flat, rectangular piece of wood.
It was very strong, made of three solid planks of wood.
  • American English: plank
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tábua
  • Chinese: 长方形木板
  • European Spanish: tabla
  • French: planche
  • German: Brett
  • Italian: asse
  • Japanese: 厚板
  • Korean: 널빤지
  • European Portuguese: tábua
  • Latin American Spanish: tabla


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