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[ɡryːn ]
neuter nounWord forms: Grüns genitive , Grün((inf)) or Grüns plural
(Grünflächen) green spaces pl
(golf) green
die Ampel steht auf Grün the light is (at (Brit)) green
das ist dasselbe in Grün (informal) it’s (one and) the same (thing)


[ɡryːn ]
(alle Bedeutungen) green
(politics also) ecological
grüne Heringe fresh herrings
Aal grün (cookery) (dish of) fresh eel (with parsley sauce)
grüner Salat lettuce
die Grüne Insel the Emerald Isle
ein grüner Junge (informal) a greenhorn (inf)
grünes Licht (für etw) geben/haben (figurative) to give/have got the green light (for sth)
im grünen Bereich (figurative) all clear
komm an meine grüne Seite! (informal) come and sit up close to me
am grünen Tisch, vom grünen Tisch aus from a bureaucratic ivory tower
über die grüne Grenze fahren/kommen (informal) to cross the border illegally (in a wood etc)
grüne Minna (informal) Black Maria (Brit) (inf)paddy wagon (US) (inf)
die grüne Tonne container for recyclable waste
wir haben grüne Weihnachten gehabt we didn’t have a white Christmas
grüne Welle phased traffic lights
grüne Welle bei 60 km/h traffic lights phased for 60 kmph
grün im Gesicht werden to go green (about the gills (inf))
auf keinen grünen Zweig kommen (figurative) (informal) to get nowhere
die beiden sind sich gar nicht grün (informal) there’s no love lost between them
er ist dir nicht grün (informal) you’re not in his good books (inf)
(in grüner Farbe)
[gekleidet] (in) green
(mit grüner Farbe)
[streichen, anmalen] green
[umranden, unterstreichen] in green
sich grün und blau or gelb ärgern (informal) to be furious
jdn grün und blau or gelb schlagen (informal) to beat sb black and blue
The Grüner Punkt is a symbol used on packaging materials which are suitable for recycling and which should therefore be put in the gelbe Tonne or gelber Sack, separate from other waste. Manufacturers wishing to use the symbol on their products must obtain a permit from DSD (Duales System Deutschland GmbH). See  note

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'Grün' in Other Languages

British English: green /ɡriːn/ ADJECTIVE
in colour Something that is green is the colour of grass or leaves.
...shiny red and green apples.
  • American English: green color
  • Arabic: أَخْضَر
  • Brazilian Portuguese: verde
  • Chinese: 绿色的
  • Croatian: zelen
  • Czech: zelený
  • Danish: grøn farve
  • Dutch: groen
  • European Spanish: verde color
  • Finnish: vihreä
  • French: vert
  • German: grün
  • Greek: πράσινος
  • Italian: verde
  • Japanese: 緑色の
  • Korean: 녹색의
  • Norwegian: grønn
  • Polish: zielony
  • European Portuguese: verde
  • Romanian: verde
  • Russian: зеленый
  • Latin American Spanish: verde color
  • Swedish: grön
  • Thai: สีเขียว
  • Turkish: yeşil
  • Ukrainian: зелений
  • Vietnamese: xanh lá cây
British English: leafy ADJECTIVE
place You say that a place is leafy when there are lots of trees and plants there.
...a gate leading to the narrow leafy streets at the top of the hill.
  • American English: leafy
  • Brazilian Portuguese: folhoso
  • Chinese: 多叶的
  • European Spanish: arbolado
  • French: bordé d'arbres
  • German: grün
  • Italian: ricco di alberi
  • Japanese: 緑豊かな
  • Korean: 녹음이 우거진
  • European Portuguese: folhoso
  • Latin American Spanish: arbolado
British English: green NOUN
A green is a smooth, flat area of grass around a hole on a golf course.
...the 18th green.
  • American English: green
  • Brazilian Portuguese: área em volta de um buraco de golfe
  • Chinese: 果岭高尔夫球场中靠近球洞的平整区域
  • European Spanish: green
  • French: vert
  • German: Grün
  • Italian: green
  • Japanese: グリーン
  • Korean: 홀 주변의 잔디를 짧게 자른 지역 그린
  • European Portuguese: área em volta de um buraco de golfe
  • Latin American Spanish: green
British English: greenery NOUN
Plants that make a place look attractive are referred to as greenery.
They have ordered a bit of greenery to brighten up the new wing of the hospital.
  • American English: greenery
  • Brazilian Portuguese: folhagem
  • Chinese: 青葱的草木
  • European Spanish: vegetación
  • French: verdure
  • German: Grün
  • Italian: piante ornamentali
  • Japanese: 緑の草木
  • Korean: 관상식물
  • European Portuguese: folhagem
  • Latin American Spanish: vegetación


Translation of Grün from the Collins German to English
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