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English translation of 'Rappen'


[ˈrapn ]
masculine nounWord forms: Rappens genitive , Rappen plural (Swiss)


[ˈrɛpn ]
Verb Table intransitive verb
(music) to rap

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'Rappen' in Other Languages

British English: rap VERB
music Someone who raps performs rap music.
...the unexpected pleasure of hearing the kids not only rap but even sing.
  • American English: rap
  • Brazilian Portuguese: cantar rap
  • Chinese: 唱说唱音乐
  • European Spanish: rapear
  • French: raper
  • German: rappen
  • Italian: fare rap
  • Japanese: ラップを歌う
  • Korean: 랩을 하다
  • European Portuguese: cantar rap
  • Latin American Spanish: rapear

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Translation of Rappen from the Collins German to English
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