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English translation of 'audizione'



feminine noun

  1. hearing
    1. (music) audition

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Easy Learning Grammar: Italian
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Language Learner's Blog: Italian
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'audizione' in Other Languages

British English: audition /ɔːˈdɪʃən/ NOUN
An audition is a short performance given by an actor, dancer, or musician so that someone can decide if they are good enough to be in a play, film, or orchestra. audition for a musical.
  • American English: audition
  • Arabic: اِخْتِبار
  • Brazilian Portuguese: teste de representação
  • Chinese: 试听
  • Croatian: audicija
  • Czech: konkurs
  • Danish: prøve audition
  • Dutch: auditie
  • European Spanish: audición
  • Finnish: koe-esiintyminen
  • French: audition
  • German: Vorspielen
  • Greek: ακρόαση
  • Italian: audizione
  • Japanese: オーディション
  • Korean: 오디션
  • Norwegian: audition
  • Polish: przesłuchanie
  • European Portuguese: audição
  • Romanian: probă
  • Russian: прослушивание
  • Latin American Spanish: audición
  • Swedish: provspelning
  • Thai: การทดสอบการแสดง
  • Turkish: ses sınavı
  • Ukrainian: прослуховування
  • Vietnamese: buổi thử giọng


Translation of audizione from the Collins Italian to English
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