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  1. (teoria, tecnica) advanced
    essere in età avanzata to be of an advanced age
    a primavera avanzata late on in o in late spring
    a un'ora avanzata della notte late at night

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avanzare 1


transitive verb

    1. (proposta etc) to put forward
    2. (spostare in avanti, oggetto) to move forward
    avanzare qn di grado to promote sb

intransitive verb

    1. (procedere) to advance, move forward
    2. (stagioni) approach
    3. (figurative, nello studio etc) to make progress
    avanzare negli anni to grow older, get on
    con l'avanzare degli anni with the passing of time
    avanzare di grado to be promoted

avanzare 2


intransitive verb

  1. (essere d'avanzo) to be left over, remain
    è avanzato del pane da ieri there is some bread left over from yesterday
    non m'avanza molto tempo I haven't (got) much time left
    basta e avanza that's more than enough
  2. (mathematics)
    sette diviso tre fa due e avanza uno seven divided by three is two remainder one

transitive verb

  1. avanzare qc (da qn) (essere creditore) to be owed sth by sb
    avanzo dieci euro da te you owe me ten euros

'avanzato' in Other Languages

British English: advanced /ədˈvɑːnst/ ADJECTIVE
An advanced system, method, or design is modern and has been developed from an earlier version of the same thing.
...the most advanced optical telescope in the world.
  • American English: advanced
  • Arabic: مُتَقَدِّم
  • Brazilian Portuguese: avançado
  • Chinese: 先进的
  • Croatian: napredan
  • Czech: pokročilý
  • Danish: avanceret
  • Dutch: geavanceerd
  • European Spanish: avanzado
  • Finnish: edistynyt
  • French: avancé
  • German: fortgeschritten
  • Greek: προχωρημένος
  • Italian: avanzato
  • Japanese: 進歩した
  • Korean: 앞선
  • Norwegian: avansert
  • Polish: zaawansowany
  • European Portuguese: avançado
  • Romanian: avansat
  • Russian: передовой
  • Latin American Spanish: avanzado
  • Swedish: avancerad
  • Thai: ขั้นสูง
  • Turkish: gelişmiş
  • Ukrainian: передовий
  • Vietnamese: tiên tiến


Translation of avanzato from the Collins Italian to English
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