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feminine noun

  1. ballad

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intransitive verb

  1. to dance
    abbiamo ballato tutta la sera we danced all night
    andare a ballare to go dancing
    andiamo a ballare? shall we go dancing?
    ballare come un orso to dance like an elephant
  2. (traballare, mobile) to wobble
    le onde facevano ballare la nave the waves tossed the ship about
    abbiamo ballato in volo we had a bumpy flight
    quella giacca gli balla addosso he's lost in that jacket

transitive verb

  1. to dance
    ballare il valzer to (dance the) waltz

'ballata' in Other Languages

British English: ballad NOUN
A ballad is a long song or poem which tells a story in simple language. eighteenth century ballad about some lost children called the Babes in the Wood.
  • American English: ballad
  • Brazilian Portuguese: balada
  • Chinese: 叙事歌
  • European Spanish: balada
  • French: ballade
  • German: Ballade
  • Italian: ballata
  • Japanese: 詩楽曲
  • Korean: 발라드
  • European Portuguese: balada
  • Latin American Spanish: balada


Translation of ballata from the Collins Italian to English
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