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English translation of 'battistrada'



invariable masculine noun

  1. (di pneumatico) tread
  2. (sport) pacemaker
    fare da battistrada (in una gara) to set the pace, make the running
    fare da battistrada a qn (figurative) to prepare the way for sb

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'battistrada' in Other Languages

British English: tread NOUN
The tread of a tyre or shoe is the pattern of thin lines cut into its surface that stops it slipping.
The fat, broad tyres had a good depth of tread.
  • American English: tread
  • Brazilian Portuguese: sulco
  • Chinese: > 花纹鞋底或轮胎上的
  • European Spanish: dibujo
  • French: bande de roulementN
  • German: Profil
  • Italian: battistradadi pneumatico
  • Japanese: 溝形模様
  • Korean: > 접지 면타이어 등의
  • European Portuguese: sulco
  • Latin American Spanish: dibujo


Translation of battistrada from the Collins Italian to English
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