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    1. (gen) (also geometry) complementary
    2. (materia di studio, esame) subsidiary

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'complementare' in Other Languages

British English: complementary /ˌkɒmplɪˈmɛntərɪ; -trɪ/ ADJECTIVE
If two different things are complementary, they form a complete unit when they are brought together, or they combine well with each other.
The two groups had complementary skills.
  • American English: complementary
  • Arabic: مُتَمِّم
  • Brazilian Portuguese: complementar
  • Chinese: 补充的
  • Croatian: komplementaran
  • Czech: doplňkový
  • Danish: komplementær
  • Dutch: complementair
  • European Spanish: complementario
  • Finnish: täydentävä
  • French: complémentaire
  • German: ergänzend
  • Greek: συμπληρωματικός
  • Italian: complementare
  • Japanese: 補完的な
  • Korean: 보충하는
  • Norwegian: komplementær
  • Polish: uzupełniający
  • European Portuguese: complementar
  • Romanian: complementar
  • Russian: взаимодополняющий
  • Latin American Spanish: complementario
  • Swedish: kompletterande
  • Thai: เสริมซึ่งกันและกัน
  • Turkish: bütünleyici
  • Ukrainian: взаємодоповнюючий
  • Vietnamese: bổ sung


Translation of complementare from the Collins Italian to English
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