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English translation of 'consegnare'



transitive verb

  1. consegnare qc (a qn) (lettera, pacco, merce) to deliver sth (to sb) (lavoro finito) to hand sth in (to sb), submit sth (to sb)
    mi hanno consegnato il pacco stamattina the parcel was delivered this morning
    il meccanico non mi ha ancora consegnato la macchina I haven't had the car back from the mechanic yet
    consegnare qn alla polizia to hand sb over to the police
  2. (military, soldato) to confine to barracks

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'consegnare' in Other Languages

British English: deliver /dɪˈlɪvə/ VERB
If you deliver something somewhere, you take it there.
The government plans to deliver more food to southern Somalia.
  • American English: deliver
  • Arabic: يُسَلِّمُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: entregar
  • Chinese: 交付
  • Croatian: dostaviti
  • Czech: dodat zásilky
  • Danish: aflevere
  • Dutch: leveren
  • European Spanish: entregar llevar
  • Finnish: toimittaa lähetys tms.
  • French: livrer
  • German: liefern
  • Greek: παραδίδω
  • Italian: consegnare
  • Japanese: 配達する
  • Korean: (...에 ...을) 전하다
  • Norwegian: levere
  • Polish: dostarczyć
  • European Portuguese: entregar
  • Romanian: a livra
  • Russian: доставлять
  • Latin American Spanish: entregar
  • Swedish: leverera
  • Thai: ส่งมอบ
  • Turkish: teslim etmek
  • Ukrainian: доставляти
  • Vietnamese: phát


Translation of consegnare from the Collins Italian to English
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